Lost Villa · Valley Land Boutique Hotel, China by DAS Lab

Balance in Opposites

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The Ancient Village of Persimmon Forest, has the features of eastern Zhejiang canyon landform. Meanwhile it has abundant sunshine and rainwater, diversified land vegetation and high coverage. Persimmon, sakura, bamboo shoots and tea are important economic crops in the ancient village. Surrounded by mountains, the unique geographical location makes this ancient village, which has eight hundred years of history, more mysterious. The village enjoys the profound cultural connotations and development paths and hopes to drive its development of tourist industry through the completion of boutique hotels.

▼建筑概览, overview ©是然建筑摄影

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©是然建筑摄影

大乐之野 · 谷舍精品民宿选址于柿林古村,室内设计由DAS Lab设计完成。该项目地形是典型的高山台地,四周高山峡谷,中间岗连坡平。俯瞰周边景观,独特的地理位置使场地内的自然景观丰富多样。建筑群的布局是类似”卫城“的设计手法,保证了内部活动空间的安全感。22间客房的开窗均朝向外围,留给室内的是直面外部的自然景观。

Located in the Ancient Village of Persimmon Forest, Lost Villa · Valley Land Boutique Hotel is designed by DAS Lab. The terrain of this project is a typical mountain platform, surrounded by high mountains and valleys, and hillock is attached to flat slopes in the center. When you overlook the whole landscape, unique geographical location makes it richer and more varied. The layout of building group has a similar design as the Acropolis, which ensures that people feel safe in activity space inside. Windows of 22 guest rooms all face the peripheral landscapes, which leaves the external natural landscape directly to interior.

▼建筑群的布局是类似”卫城“的设计手法,The layout of building group has a similar design as the Acropolis ©是然建筑摄影

▼庭院,courtyard ©是然建筑摄影

餐厅是本项目最具复杂性的空间。该空间包含了聚会、用餐、入住办理、洽谈等功能。 由三个高低不一的建筑组合而成,中段留有10米的挑高空间,两边是8米落地窗。面对繁茂的植被和图画感极强的自然景观,我们希望通过材料的物理性营造人工与自然的高强度碰撞以及一种直觉的、潜意识的、肌体上的平衡感。并在内部创造出与外部一样的开放性,提供一瞬间便令人印象深刻的休憩之所。

Dining room is the most complex space in this project, including functions as throwing parties, having meals, check-in and business meetings. It is made up of three various buildings and the middle section has a height of 10 meters and both sides have French windows of 8 meters high. In the face of luxuriant vegetation and very graphic natural landscapes, we hope to create high-intensity clashes of artificial work and nature, and a balance of intuition, subconscious and body through the physical properties of materials. We also want to internally create openness same as exterior and provide an impressive rest environment in an instant.

▼餐厅概览,dining room interior view ©是然建筑摄影

▼8米落地窗面对繁茂的植被和图画感极强的自然景观,through french windows of 8 meters high facing luxuriant vegetation and very graphic natural landscapes ©是然建筑摄影

▼落地窗细部,details ©是然建筑摄影

▼吧台,bar counter ©是然建筑摄影

▼金属饰面细部,details ©是然建筑摄影

▼独立洽谈空间,negotiation area ©是然建筑摄影

▼从洽谈空间看用餐区域,look from negotiation area to dining room ©是然建筑摄影


As for us, the space shows a bidirectional scene of restlessness and quiet: On the one hand, it acts a dining space of entertaining and complex function. On the other it integrates diversity, serendipity and randomness of mountain and forest. As where activities process, it arouses the visibility, liveliness, excitement and noises, meanwhile the mountain forest is in a covert, isolated, lonely and tranquil scene. A balance in opposites in the space.

▼楼梯,stairs ©是然建筑摄影

▼楼梯细部,details ©是然建筑摄影

▼餐厅二层,dining room on 2F ©是然建筑摄影

▼包厢,窗外景色如画卷般展开,private room, the scenery outside the window is like a scroll of painting ©是然建筑摄影

▼包厢开窗细部,details ©是然建筑摄影


We believe that hotel as the medium of pulling away from vision, emotion and thinking to daily life gives us an enlightenment of time through both space and scene. We keep restrained as much as possible at the hotel room by integrating the natural and the artificial parts. That is our interpretation of the environment, site and owner, providing guests a simple and warm atmosphere to rest.

▼客房,guest room ©是然建筑摄影

▼室内泳池,Indoor pool ©是然建筑摄影

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan

项目名称:大乐之野 · 谷舍精品民宿室内设计项目
Project Name: Interior Design Project of Lost Villa · Valley Land Boutique Hotel
Project Location: No.71, Huangniling, Dalan Town, Yuyao, Zhejiang
室内设计:DAS Lab
Interior Designer: DAS Lab
website: www.das-design.cn
Main Plan Designer: Li Jingze
Architecture Designer: SU Architects and Sealand-Int
Landscape Design: Sealand-Int
Participating Teams: Liang Chen, Yoko, Janet
Owner: Valleyland Hotel Inv.Management Co.Ltd
Operator: Lost Villa, Valley Land
Main Materials: Galvanized corrugated plate, terrazzo, wooden finish, Brass stainless steel, Bamboo
Indoor Area: 1500㎡
Design Time: 2017.03-2017.06
Construction Time: 2017.09-2018.04
摄影: © 是然建筑摄影 / 苏圣亮
Photographer: Schran Studio/ Su Shengliang
撰文及图纸由DAS Lab提供
Project description and drawing offered by DAS Lab

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