“Lost”— Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee, China by DAGA Architects

The immersive space café journey

Project Specs


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故事背景 | Setting

星际乘客穿越了广袤空间和无垠时间,为人类寻找新的家园,以便从满目疮痍的地球逃离。 终于,从休眠中被警报唤醒……爬出坠落的舱体,这个世界无比的熟悉,有着类似地球的植物,和可以呼吸的氧气。一切都那么美好,但是却隐约感受到了一丝异样。

Interstellar passengers have travelled the vastness of space and the infinity of time in search of a new home for humanity to escape from a devastated Earth. Finally, awakened from hibernation by an alarm……Climbing out of the fallen space capsule, the world was uncannily familiar, with Earth-like plants and oxygen to breathe. Everything was so beautiful, but there was a vague sense of something different.

▼空间概览,Preview ©小枝 | ICYWORKS


▼概念示意图,Conceptual diagram ©大观建筑设计

Cutting through the trees, instead of the familiar wood fibres, is a smooth, mirror-like metallic substance. The trees float in the air, eerie cross-sections reflecting this wonderful but strange world. Eventually, the frustrating reality is discovered: there are no humans here, and no nature either, this is not a real world, everything is unreal. The long table “suspended” in mid-air is derived from a cut tree trunk, and its mirrored cross-section perfectly reflects the world of tall buildings outside the window. Raising the coffee cup, the reflection of the world outside can be seen from the table top, as if it were a million years away.

▼切开的树木飘浮在空中,Cut trees floating in the air ©小枝 | ICYWORKS

▼镜面长桌,Mirrored table ©小枝 | ICYWORKS


▼舱体操作台演变过程,The evolution of the cabin worktop ©大观建筑设计

▼舱体操作台制作过程,The process of making cabin worktop ©大观建筑设计

The coffee worktop is an evolution of a scrap capsule. After being polished, it seems to have been made new again. The lights from the hatch cover brighten up the entire coffee-making area and add a touch of mystery. Surrounding is the vegetation that grows naturally on the ruins. A beam in the middle of the capsule acts as a support for the entire structure and light pours in through two windows. Visitors can sit inside and outside the capsule and look out at the view, as if they were flying a spaceship through space. The immersive space café journey enhances the ambience to the max. The camping element also enhances the immersive dining experience. The metallic wooden boxes and low seating bring the user one step closer to the surface, as if sitting on the surface of Mars with a glittering galaxy in full view.

▼露营元素,Camping elements ©小枝 | ICYWORKS

▼舱体操作区外座椅区,Seating area outside the cabin worktop ©小枝 | ICYWORKS

▼舱体式咖啡操作台近景,Close shot of cabin coffee worktop ©小枝 | ICYWORKS

▼内部座位,Internal seats ©小枝 | ICYWORKS

▼操作台内部结构,Internal structure of the coffee worktop ©小枝 | ICYWORKS


It is a journey through time, where all one has to do is sip coffee, empty oneself and enjoy a moment of peace in the universe. The design incorporates an exploration and consideration of time, taking people away from the worries of life and voyaging in their thoughts.

▼舱体细部,Cabin details ©小枝 | ICYWORKS

▼绿植细部,Plant details ©小枝 | ICYWORKS

▼夜晚的咖啡馆,Coffee shop at night ©小枝 | ICYWORKS

▼平面图,Floor plan ©大观建筑设计

项目名称:Metal Hands铁手咖啡制造局



Project Information
Project Name: Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee
Design Company: DAGA Architects
Design Team: Shen Jianghai, Zhang Longxiao,Wang Lifeng
Project Type: Interior Design,Renovation
Covered Area: 90㎡
Date of Design: August-September,2021
Date of Construction: September-November, 2021
Photographer: Xiaozhi©ICYWORKS
Writer: Sun Baoning, Zhang Longxiao

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