TOTORO Village, Chaoyang MIX Island by DAGA Architects

A village style “utopia” hidden in the city

Shared Space Of Xiaomi Smart Industrial Zone by DAGA Architects

A shared space for innovation, openness, freedom and sharing

SENSES PLUS COFFEE, China by DAGA Architects

Use ambitious colors to perceive the mood of the site

Wandering – Metal Hands Coffee drives camping coffee car into China World Trade Center, Beijing by DAGA Architects

To achieve a symbiotic balance between the small cafe and the city’s landmark center

Chengdu Dujiangyan Forget me, not farm: Valley Restaurant and “Leisure House”by DAGA Architects

Helping seniors to feel and experience the farm’s environment and atmosphere

Renovation of an unfinished country house – “Living by the mountain”B&B, Beijing, China by DAGA Architects

A renaissance in combination with a mountain village landscape

“Lost”— Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee, China by DAGA Architects

The immersive space café journey

Metal Hands Coffee renovation, China by DAGA Architects

Seclusion and leisure coffee space

Beijing Capital Xiangxi Intangible Heritage Workstation, Restoration and renewal of century-old Tiangongju by DAGA Architects

Revitalizing the ruined building with vigorous modern design symbols

Nanyang 5Lmeet, Beijing, China by DAGA Architects

The Rough Renovation of old Hutong Theater