Little Cueto Pizza Restaurant by Zooco Estudio

A small while open, energetic and fresh pizza restaurant.

Project Specs


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Little Cueto位于西班牙北桑坦德北部的Cueto社区。这里曾经是传统的乡村,随着城市化发展,许多土地被用来建造新的建筑,但仍有一些老房子和农业建筑得以保留,穿插于新建的楼房之间。设计要改造的房屋便是这些老房子之一。建筑为一层,面积50平方米,坐落在一个100平方米的院落中,距今已有约100年历史。由于被荒废了很长时间,室内状况并不理想,装修材料大都受到了严重的破坏。

Little Cueto is located in Cueto neighborhood, the north part of Santander. It was a traditional rural area that changed its fields to large urban developments. Between these new constructions, some insulated houses and agricultural constructions were preserved. This project is about one of this old buildings, a solitary construction of 50m2 in a single ground floor, built about 100 years ago and situated in a patch of 100m2. The interior of the building wasn’t decorous, it showed a deserted state for a long period of time and the materials of the installations had suffered important deteriorations.


001-Little Cueto_Zooco Estudio


The client bring us the idea of a restaurant specialized in the production of pizzas, with a young environment that allows costumers to have pizza at the same time that the production of pizza is shown. Attending to this premises, the project consists in a structural consolidation, a restitution of the instalations and an almost complete reform of the facings and coverings. The space is also re-distributed depending on the needs and preserving the essence and enviroment of the local at all time.

▼室内外铺地相同,以折叠推拉门隔开,same paving in the interior and exterior, defined by folded sliding doors

007-Little Cueto_Zooco Estudio

002-Little Cueto_Zooco Estudio


Due to the morphology and the scale of the local, we create an open and continuos space in all the patch, avoiding the division and using the same materials as the existing ones (wood and stone) in both cases, interior and exterior, and incorporating some metalics touches in carpentry and furniture. This genetares that the production zone can be open to the dining room, just confined by the counter. In the same way, the terrace appears as a continuation of the dining room. They both configurated a single space due to the pavement and the sliding and folding doors.

▼室内一览,厕所在一端,不影响整体的开放性,interior view, toilet on one end without influencing the openness of the space

003-Little Cueto_Zooco Estudio

004-Little Cueto_Zooco Estudio


The approach of setting the materials and the tones of the project allows the difference no-physical of each use. At one end of the restaurant is the kitchen area with a white vertical surface, confined by the counter and a black metalic shelf. At the other end of the local, a white wall with a central door opening takes us to the toilets, with two different cabins but one black shared sink in an open space. Between these ends, a central space where a wood bank is built supported by the existing concrete wall. The rest of the furniture, as well as the illumination and the decoration, keep the black and white tones, so we archive homogeneity in the whole local, except for the color touch of the chairs in the terrace, which give fresh to the exterior space.

▼室内的家具和装饰均为黑白色调,the furniture and decoration in black and white tones

005-Little Cueto_Zooco Estudio

006-Little Cueto_Zooco Estudio





Architects: Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Marín Martínez
Team: Zooco Estudio
Collaborators: Beatriz Cavia y María Larriba
Year: 2016

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