Light Years by ZWEI Interiors Architecture

A space for respite from everyday life

Project Specs


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Designed as a space that evokes the sense of the universe beyond, Light Years is a local Melbourne eatery that subtlety references both the environment and experience of the inter-planetary universe.



Utilising the existing building shell as the backdrop, the material insertions playfully reference texture and form of both organic moonscapes and man-made space travel. Coloured film is positioned to play with ambient colour tones, and lighting is used as a backdrop to the action within. Details throughout are simple but considered, allowing the space not to feel overly thematic.

▼灯具等一系列装饰材料均以宇宙元素为灵感,the material insertions reference both the environment and experience of the inter-planetary universe

▼彩色的薄膜为室内环境赋予了变化的色调,coloured film is positioned to play with ambient colour tones

▼金属元素为空间赋予了未来感,the metal elements provide a touch of futurism

▼墙面纹理也参考了月球表面的形态,the wall surface playfully references texture and form of moonscapes


The space was conceptualised not as a café, but as a space for respite from everyday life. The ‘otherworldliness’ of the interior environment encourages a connection, but also a sense of letting go.

▼从餐厅望向开放式厨房,the preparation area

▼就餐空间,dining area

Completion date: 2017
Building levels: 1
Project team
ZWEI Interiors Architecture (Interiors + Architecture)
Sally Piskuric (Graphic Identity)

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