Li Man – Shen Mi Ji Hotel by Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design

ts modern ink painting style brings the most poetic and innovative annotation for a renovation space.

Project Specs


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The old town of Lijiang in Yunnan province, where tradition and modernity, tranquility and hustles co-exist, produces an elegant and creative gathering place for homestay hotels. Among the scattering design practices, Li Man·Shen Mi Ji hotel is a special isolated existence. Its modern ink painting style brings the most poetic and innovative annotation for a renovation space.

▼诗意空间,the poetic space


The hotel is located in No.74, lower segment of 81, 71 street in Lijiang. It was a residential yard with small area and unreasonable layout, hard to realize its design value. After taking over this project, the design company Yiduan demolished and re-designed the building, quietly integrated the building and its landscape into the old town, besides, they brought new vitality to the waste materials by reuse and classification.

▼酒店风貌,view of the hotel


The five building complex cluster between the front yard water and backyard stream, and the blue bricks and tiles reflect the shadow of guests under the lights in the courtyard. The rest area is sunken design. Round view windows frame the greenness of bamboo forest, and a waterfall taking steel plates as its background flows through. Up the steps, walk over 10 meter gallery, the winding path leads you to the reception hall. Shadows are similar to ink landscape paintings, time also slows down under such an atmosphere.

▼休息区采用下沉式设计,the rest area is sunken design

▼以钢板为幕的瀑布潺潺淌过,a waterfall taking steel plates as its background flows through

▼浑圆的景窗将竹林绿意定格,round view windows frame the greenness of bamboo forest



The dozens of black steel plates in the reception hall are the spotlights. They smartly concealed the load-bearing columns of the previous building, and also divided the area. The top of the reception hall is composed of numerous bamboo sticks which is an unique installation artwork. The reception desk is a 7 meter long slab which extends to the VIP tea room, subverting the traditional reception mode by the tension and aesthetics.

▼接待厅的几十根黑色钢板盒子成为视觉焦点,the dozens of black steel plates in the reception hall are the spotlights

▼茶室与户外的对视,view connection of the tearoom and courtyard


Each of the 10 rooms has its own feature. In particular, the rooms by the side of the water stream has a private balcony, allowing interaction with outdoor lights and clouds. The rooms are simple and unsophisticated, and they are mostly made of raw materials in simple colors which completely match the surroundings. The modern lifestyle is presented in detail, such as open bathroom layouts.

▼精品客房,the guest rooms



The ink painting concept and natural quality of Li Man·Shen Mi Ji hotel makes it soothing and quiet. Yiduan established a benchmark that broke the traditional impression on homestay hotels by their innovative practice on the architecture, landscape and interior design.

▼抚慰人心的静谧之所,the retreat quiet space

▼一层平面图,the first floor plan

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan


面积:1000 m2
主要材料品牌:天然毛石 竹签 水泥砖 瓦片 青砖 钢板

Architecture/Landscape/Interior Design Company: Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design (
Creative Director: Xu Xujun
Associate Designers: Xu Xuwei, Liu Wei, Liu Wei, Gong Xuan, Luo Zhenhai
Project Location: Lijiang, Yunnan province, China
Type: Homestay Hotel
Area: 1000 ㎡
Completion Time: November 2017
Main Materials: Natural rubble, bamboo stick, cement brick, tile, black brick, steel plate
Photographer : Zhu Enlong

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