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Appreciations towards Chuangyi Shance for providing the following descriptions:


Chongqing Tiandi, on the south shore of the Jialing River, is the popular business card of the mountain city. Across the road, there are trees encircle, and a lonely lake. Vanke continued the Tiandi project, and create the Art Museum on the shore of the river, which is designed by Shenzhen Huahui general manager Xiao, the external profile is up and down, which is a blend in the scenery of the masterpiece. Overlooking by the water, the lake is vivid.

▼天地艺术馆外貌,exterior view of the Chongqing Tiandi Art Museum


We are honored to provide the landscape design services for this area. Their requirements are: 1. Set up the parking space on the north side of the road. 2. After parking, walk through the underlay crossing to the Museum of Art. 3. The lake side of the existing park site is as little as possible to be deleted and be changed. After the site visiting, it was found that: 1. The planning parking lot is a sunken and deserted green space with disordered and miscellaneous trees. 2. The passageway is dilapidated. 3. Where the height difference is big, the present steps are old, which are unfit to use. How to achieve the mission? Maybe a little tricky.

▼景观流线设计,streamline design


Under the conditions of this changeable turning point and fluctuating height, if we do it as usual: putting nodes everywhere, using the opposite scenes, layout sculptures, go against the logic of the place, and compete with the form of architecture, whether all of these will be applicable? In fact, thinking from another way, since the architecture is firmly committed to the modernism, why should the word “Decoration” be added to the landscape before “Modern”? Nature and simplicity can also create the artistic conception.

▼潜伏在竹林里的幽长小径,a vivid path goes through a pure bamboo forest


Countermeasures: Start from the beginning, take care of the forward walk, quietly hidden the nature near the lake. To achieve this strategy, we used the approach of the long lens to continuously create the dynamic scenes: A pure bamboo forest, completely covers the recess green in the current state to reshape the green space order; A continuous white glass clues, like the long plain color rolls, softly guide the space conversion, and light skimming over the dull underground passage; A path ups and downs with the terrain, people will be introduced from the city, to be hidden in the bamboo forest Huang, getting into the parking yard, accrossing the arc-screen clip of the passage, then unobstructed to reach lake floor with the view gradually raised.

▼连续的白色玻璃线索导引空间的转换,a continuous white glass clues guide the space conversion

▼路径设计对呆板的地下通道一带而过,the line is lightly skimming over the dull underground passage


At this time, when the passage of the low-hanging shadow disappeared and the glittering waves surge, the Museum of Art suddenly appeared, then the landscape faded. A famous sentence of Matsuo Basho: Ancient pond. The frog jumped into the water and produce the sound. So long, so short. In the quiet sound of Ding Dong, the landscape long lens ends in the lake bank with the “One stroke” Completed. A more lasting story of the life in Chongqing Tiandi will evolve successively at any time.

▼通道尽头的景观环境,the landscape space at the end of the passage


▼湖水鸟瞰,aerial view of the lake

▼景观设计平面图,landscape design

项目设计师:王雅健 赵轩 梁湘
业主设计管理团队:刘军 刘沐璠 王济良 韩钰韬
景观摄影:存在建筑 苏哲维

Project name: Chongqing Tiandi Art Museum
Landscape design: Chuangyi Shance
Lead designer: Zhou Wei
Project leaders: An Xueping
Project designer: Wang Yajian, Zhao Xuan, Liang Xiang
Project text: Zhou Wei
Geographical location: Yuzhong District of Chongqing
Design time: August 2017
Completion time: December 2017
Owner: Chongqing Vanke
Owner Design Management team: Liu Jun, Liu Mufan, Wang Jiliang, Han Yutao
Landscape area: 19560 Square meters
Architectural design: Huahui, Shenzhen
Interior design: ENJOY Design Zhi Du
Landscape photography: Cunzai Architecture, Su Zhewei

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