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该项目位于阿根廷科尔多瓦的Villa Allende住宅区,占地800㎡,建筑面积550㎡,由6栋住宅组成。当地城市经历了人口密集化,这也使部分居民感到担忧,他们认为这种发展趋势威胁了部分独户住宅并影响了多年前人们的感知和体验,破坏了城镇的特征。除此之外,这里还缺乏将城市空间和基础设施需求纳入考虑的城市规划,据了解,这导致了城镇特色的缺失,降低了居民相遇的可能,减少了面向街道和人行道的公共空间。设计团队基于这种情况从两方面着手改造,一方面是解决该地区因逐渐密集化带来的问题,另一方面是提出应对公共空间和基础设施不足的办法。

La Inesita is a 550 m2 building, formed by 6 homes, arranged over an 800 m2 lot, located in a residential neighborhood of Villa Allende City, Cordoba, Argentina. The city has suffered a densification process which has worried a sector of the population, who sees this development as a threat to the single-family household residences of some neighborhoods and, consequently to the way these were perceived and experienced a few years ago, endangering its identity as a city-town. Added to this phenomenon, there is a lack of urban planning that takes into account the need of urban spaces and equipment; this, to our understanding, has contributed to the loss of the small town character, excluding the encounters between neighbors and reducing public spaces to streets and sidewalks. Based on this, we understand that intervention should begin, on one hand, by resolving the impact that greater densification in the area could generate, and on the other, by proposing solutions to the lack of urban spaces and equipment.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the project © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE

▼近景鸟瞰,closer aerial view © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE

▼项目俯瞰,top view of the project © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE


In consequence, with this analysis, the removal of the standard front face is conceded to public space generating a sidewalk extension with a bench that runs all along the façade. This way it proposes a connection between both public and private spaces so as to function as an “urban buffer” that fosters social encounters.

▼临街立面退让出公共空间,street facade is conceded to public space © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE

▼不同砖材组合,combination of different bricks © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE



Concerning the treatment of the relationship with the surroundings, we work with a sequence of high basal walls which work as veils, hiding the nature of the objet to the observer. This ruse allows an illusory effect that demands from the experimenter to use the fourth dimension (time) to travel through it and to reveal the mystery of its nature. Over this 2.50 m tall brick base that occupies the total buildable length of the lot, the second floor materializes. Plastered and painted in white and finished in a permeable skin constituting the façade of this second level.It allows sunlight to illuminate it from behind revealing, towards the street, the presence of emptiness. This emptiness is contained within high walls giving to this space an atmosphere that emancipates itself from its immediate surrounding, turning this terrace into a meeting place for its inhabitants.

▼入口空间,entrance space © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE

▼楼梯通往露台,staircase leading to the terrace © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE

▼围合的露台,enclosed terrace © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE

▼露台设有泳池,swimming pool on the terrace © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE


This functional outline is simple and clear. The building utilizes the left side to generate the pedestrian circulation that alows to enter the ground floor of each functional unit and it opens completely to the east where the row of backyards is located. Vehicles enter from the opposite side of the walking area and park under the common use expansion.

▼人行通道,pedestrian circulation © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE

▼单元入户门,entrance of units © ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE

sky view from entrance of units

▼平面图,plans © Andres Alonso Architecture Workshop

Project Name: La Inesita
Architectural Office: Andres Alonso Architecture Workshop
Contact Email:
Country of Office: Argentina
Construction completion year: 2020
Constructed area: 550 m2
Location: Villa Allende, Cordoba, Argentina
Photography Credits: ARQ GONZALO VIRAMONTE
Photographer Website:
Architects in Charge: Andres Alonso
Design Team: Andres Alonso – Araceli Julieta Gonzalez
Clients: 520 Developments

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