Kraftwerk 2 Residential Development by Adrian Streich Architekten AG

Exterior terraces and stairs create a dialogue between the new structure and the existing residential buildings

Project Specs


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位于Regensdorferstrasse 190和194号的两栋建筑通过扩建工程连接成一个整体。外部露台和楼梯将新建部分与现有住宅楼的每一层都联系起来,构成具有核心结构体系的大体量建筑和集体居住模式。新建建筑比两栋原有建筑高出两层,与阁楼层一起形成建筑鲜明的外部轮廓。原本由Wolfgang Stäger设计的立方体结构也因此进一步得到拓展和强调,这一独特的外观为位于苏黎世Höngg的新Kraftwerk住宅楼带来了强烈的识别性。

The two buildings at Regensdorferstrasse 190 and 194 are being joined into a whole by an extension. Exterior terraces and stairs network the new structure with the existing residential buildings across all storeys. This results in a sufficient size with critical structures to enable collaborative living.The new building is two storeys higher than the existing structures and forms a striking silhouette together with the attic storey. The cubic structure of the existing compound by Wolfgang Stäger is being developed further and accentuated with the new elevation. The distinctive appearance gives the new Kraftwerk in Zürich-Höngg a strong identity.

▼住宅楼外观,exterior view of the residential building


The ensemble of new and old structures is joined into a whole by plastered double masonry walls. The mineral plaster is painted in a warm shade of grey. Red fair-faced brickwork was used to carry out the covered, shared exterior spaces. The masonry is inserted. This causes irregularities that enliven the look of the masonry. In contrast to the masonry, the veranda is carried out as an archaic site concrete structure with a sculptural character. Continuous flooring made of raw hard concrete slabs on the veranda and terraces helps converge the various structures. Thanks to the artisanal character of the materials and the lively surface textures, the room quality of the residential spaces is high.

▼楼梯与阳台连接各层,采用砖墙与混凝土材料,exterior terraces and stairs network the new structure with the existing residential buildings across all storeys; masonry walls and concrete are used as the building material

“公共露台”成为居住建筑的核心,它提供了一系列向所有住户开放的公共户外空间。两栋建筑的半层偏移构造在纵向剖面上显现出来,这是集体居住环境的一项重要条件。Kraftwerk 2住宅楼可以提供一种集体住宅的居住体验,不仅能够发展内部住户关系,也可以进一步加强与外部城市的联系。由于阳台与起居室相邻的布局设计,住户可以隐藏在自己的私密空间中。虽然各自的厨房和餐厅直接与阳台相连,但空间确保了起居室与卧室的隐私性。两个独立的楼梯井提供了通向住宅的通道。所有的住宅单元都可以直接通过楼梯进入,这意味着阳台不作为逃生路线,可以让住户按照需求进行布置。

The “commune terrace” forms the heart of the settlement. It offers a series of jointly used outdoor spaces that are open to everyone. The half-storey offsetting of the two buildings is revealed in the longitudinal section: an important condition for the networked living environment. Kraftwerk 2 can be lived in and experienced as a collective home. Not only internal relationships are developed, but also external relationships to the city.Thanks to the structure of the veranda and the design of the adjacent living rooms, residents can withdraw to their private spaces. While the respective kitchens and dining rooms are directly adjacent to the veranda, the privacy of the living rooms and bedrooms is assured at all times. Two separate stairwells provide the actual access to the dwellings. All residential units are accessible directly from the stairwells. This means the verandas do not serve as escape routes and can be furnished as desired.

▼阳台不作为逃生路线,可以让住户按照需求进行布置,the verandas do not serve as escape routes and can be furnished as desired


The available housing ranges from small satellites and 2½ room residential units to large eleven-room flat share clusters with 330 m2 of living space, establishing the foundation for various forms of collaborative living. The residential units are organised as spacious room arrangements and permit small promenades. Common and private rooms are combined into local groups and form diverse living environments. Most of the residential units are oriented in more than one direction and offer a variety of views with good lighting.

▼住宅单元内部保证使用空间宽敞,缩减交通空间,the residential units are organized as spacious room arrangements and permit small promenades

▼楼梯井,stairs well

▼总平面图,site plan

▼一层平面,ground floor plan

▼公寓布置平面,plan with arrangement

▼顶层平面,floor 6 plan


Kraftwerk 2 Residential Development, Zürich-Höngg
Regensdorferstrasse 190 & 194, Zurich, Switzerland
Adrian Streich Architekten AG

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