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Book-shaped bookend like crystal sculpture

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Quinsay®发布了一款新的西文字体Quinsay Parto,并推出了使用了该字体的书立产品 — TIME BOOK(时间之书)。

Quinsay has released its new typeface designed by Chinese designer Tongyi, and has applied it to a series of transparent bookends.

▼书立外观,appearance of the bookend

Quinsay®希望保持产品功能、形式和材质尽可能简单。TIME BOOK就像书形的雕塑,形态能够清晰展现它所具有的功能。

“I wish to keep my design minimalistic in terms of function, form and material. TIME BOOK is like a book-shaped sculpture. The function is clearly presented by its form.”Said Tongyi, founder and designer of Quinsay.

▼书立如同书形雕塑,the bookends are like book-shaped scuptures

TIME BOOK系列书立有着相同的形状和不同颜色,就像三本印刷着不同内容的书籍,分别是The Pink,The Font和The Ice。

Called TIME BOOK, the bookend collection features three kinds of bookends with the same shape but different colours, and printed graphical information. They are named The Pink, The Font and The Ice.

▼书立有三种不同颜色,three different colors o the bookend

TIME BOOK由水晶玻璃材料结合磨具手工制作,表面使用专用油墨丝网印刷后高温烘烤固化。水晶玻璃材质的密度使得书立具有相当的重量,能够让其出现在书架或书桌上时产生足够的摩擦力。

TIME BOOK bookends are made by hand-polished crystal glass blocks. Special ink was screen printed on the surface and cured at high temperature. The high density of crystal glass gives them perfect stability when in use.

▼手工制作过程,handmade process

书脊上的英文是TIME BOOK的“出版”时间:MMXIX(MMXIX是2019的罗马数字写法)

The name of TIME BOOK is inspired by different publishing dates of books. The “MMXIX” on the book spine is the Roman numeral writing of “2019”.

▼书脊写有出版时间,publishing dates presented on the book spine

The Pink是2019年历,粉色来自于小猪(2019年是中国生肖年猪年)。The Pink是一本只有时间的书,正反面各有6个月的月历,并标注出了各个月份重要的节日。读取它时,现在的时间会与未来的时间叠加(或者是与过去的时间叠加)。在特定的角度,时间信息很容易被读取。

The Pink is the year calendar of 2019. The colour pink represents pig, since 2019 is the Chinese zodiac year of the pig. There are 6 months on each side of The Pink’s cover, with marking of important dates. When reading it, the current time overlaps with the future or the past. When viewed from suitable angles, the calendar becomes legible.

▼The Pink书立,The Pink

The Ice是马尔克斯小说中的冰块。上面印刷了《百年孤独》的开篇。这是一个关于时间的伟大的小说开头。

The Ice is inspired by Marquez’s novel. The opening of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” is printed on it. It is the beginning of a great novel.

▼The Ice书立,The Ice

The Font 书立正面是Quinsay Parto的字母,背面是数字与标点符号,方形的棋盘格来自早期进行凸版印刷时使用的工具- 字模盘(Type Case)。

The Font is inspired by the Type Case used in early letterpress printing.The front side of The Font is printed with 26 letters, and the back is covered by numbers and punctuations.

▼The Font书立,The Font

书立上的文字使用了Quinsay Design 2018年设计的西文字体Quinsay Parto,“PARTO”是世界语“零件”的意思。

Quinsay Parto受到了早期无衬线字体发展过程中各种字型演绎的影响,部分字母(如“a”、“G”、“M”、“Q”)和符号有多种形式选择,可以通过Opentype功能轻松替换。字体风格兼具事件感与技术感,就像一个个可替换的零件,自由组合成各种有趣的机器。

The text on the book uses Quinsay Parto font designed by Quinsay Design in 2018, “parto” means “parts” in Esperanto.

Quinsay Parto is influenced by the early sans-serif typefaces, with a single letter offering a variety of font options that can be freely combined, just like various parts can be combined into a machine.

▼字体设计,font design

Quinsay Parto具有非常大的x高度和宽大匀称的字符宽度,字母的水平部分比竖直部分略粗,这是一款更符合当下设计语境的无衬线字体。Quinsay Parto会持续完善并陆续推出同系列中另外两款特征不同的字体。

The letters of Quinsay Parto are well-proportioned, the most important aesthetic quality it offered was a consistent thickness throughout its body, which makes it a contemporary sans serif typeface. Quinsay will be releasing more fonts from the Quinsay Parto family. TIME BOOK is designed and manufactured in Hangzhou, China.

▼包装设计,package design

项目名称:Time Book|时间之书
设计方:Quinsay Design
项目设计 & 完成年份:2018

Project Name: Time Book
Design: Quinsay Design
Contact E-mail: jumpfox@foxmail.com
Design Year & Completion Year: 2018
Leader Designer & Team: Tong Yi
Photo Credits: Quinsay
Clients: Quinsay

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