KFC (The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an), China by the Swimming Pool Studio

Tell the story of the dynasty in modern language

Project Specs


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Xi ‘an is one of the four ancient capitals of China and a world-renowned historical city. The Great Wild Goose Pagoda is regarded as the symbol of xi ‘an. Precious treasures are hidden in it. This project is located in the Great Wild Goose Pagoda scenic spot, where people flow like a river, which is an eternal scenery. Designers try to create new memories by reproducing things from the past and recombining them into scenes that can be reflected in people’s mind.

▼与西安历史记忆呼应的室内设计,the interior design echoes the history of Xi’an  ©叶飞 SKY


Inspired by the ancient architecture of Xi’an, it creates a sense of space in a struc-tural way, and at the same time echoes the architectural forms of Xi’an.The silhouette of the ancient city walls and the beautiful murals tell the story of the dynasty in modern language.The combination of red and cement and rock controls the atmosphere of the space, and the strong Chinese symbols are impressive.

▼浓重的红色与水泥、岩石的搭配呈现出强烈的中国符号,the combination of red and cement and rock expresses the strong Chinese symbols  ©叶飞 SKY

▼砖瓦拼成的古城墙剪影,silhouette of the ancient city walls made by tiles  ©叶飞 SKY


In this space, you can enjoy delicious food, share stories, create new memories, and create a beautiful memory tower for everyone.

▼砖墙与木材金属桌椅,brick wall & table and chairs in wood and metal  ©叶飞 SKY

项目名称: KFC 西安大雁塔店
建筑事务所: Swimming Pool Studio
事务所网站: www.theswimmingpoolstudio.com
电邮联系方式: info@theswimmingpoolstudio.com
主创建筑师: Jeremy |李麟杰 , David|王卫
项目详细地址: 西安市雁塔路大唐商业广场a栋10101/10109号铺
建筑面积: 540㎡
摄影师: 叶飞 SKY
建材商品牌 + 产品
1. 豪野石材 +砂岩石
2. 品逸陶瓷 +青瓦片
3. 星牌优时吉 + 铝格栅
Project name: KFC (The Big Wild Goose Pagoda,Xi’an,China)
Architect’ Firm: Swimming Pool Studio
Website: www.theswimmingpoolstudio.com
Contact e-mail: info@theswimmingpoolstudio.com
Completion Year: June 2018
Lead Architects: Jeremy , David
Project location: Shop 10101/10109, Building A, Datang Commercial Plaza, Yanta Road, Xi’an
Gross Built Area (square meters): 540㎡
Photo credits: SKY
Clients:Yum! Brands Inc., China Division
Brands / Products
1. Haoye Stone + Sandstone
2. Pinyi Ceramics + Green Tiles
3. Star Youshiji + Aluminum Grid

More: 三也设计 。更多关于他们:the Swimming Pool Studio on gooood

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