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Cave paradise, it was from Taoist language of our central plains,  it refers to the famous mountain resorts where the immortal Taoists live in. There are ten big caves, thirty-six small caves and seventy-two blessed lands.The “Only Henan” of Jianye group reconstruct the rammed earth cave style of the ancient central plains. We also wish to follow the trend and create a modern tea space which in full of cave paradise for the local fashion tea brand “Juan Tea”.

▼项目外观,exterior view ©李研彤


In the tea space, we created a big cave and four small caves. Under the big cave, we dug 50 centimetre to form a blessed land, which is also the inner courtyard and the meditation area of the whole space. People come into the cave, find the place, they will feel cool and refreshing in the moment, and the atmosphere will be suddenly quiet as well.

▼进入“洞天”用餐区,dining area inside the cave ©李研彤


Five caves are intertwined. Starting from the entrance, the bar serving tea drinks is inspired by one of the four great inventions of the Central Plains and the Northern Song Dynasty, “movable type printing”. An uncarved “movable type printing template” bar is abstractly extended. We hope that the future can continue, in these reserved side templates of the bar, movable type carvings about the story of “The Emotion Tea” are injected. The idea of three Lamps comes from Henan wheat harvesters.

▼小洞天吊挂月球灯, small cave hanging a moon lamp ©李研彤

▼高度变化的天花板,ceilings of changing heights ©李研彤

▼吧台,the bar ©李研彤


There are two small caves nearby, each hanging a moon lamp, one is rising, the other is falling. It is a metaphor for the traditional Chinese lunar calendar that has been formulated by the cycle of the moon since ancient times. The moon gradually changes from faintly to a full moon, and then slowly disappears until it disappears. At this time, it is called a month, so it is also called a lunar calendar. These are all deep metaphors of the history of our ancestors and us living together with heaven and food for thousands of years on this land.

▼小洞天内的火龛,fire built in the niche ©李研彤

▼相连的小洞天,small caves connecting each other ©李研彤

▼移步换景,changes of the scenery ©李研彤

▼洞顶曲线,curve of the cave ©李研彤


Enter the circular corridor, the winding path leads to the secluded, and the scenery changes. Every time you take dozens of steps, there is a small niche, and a fire is built in the niche. At the corner, we enter the big cave sky. Here is our inner courtyard meditation place. There is a well in the center. People can’t help but move.

▼环形廊道,the circular corridor ©李研彤

▼从环形廊道进入大洞天,entering the big cave sky ©李研彤

▼大洞天概览,overview of the big cave sky ©李研彤

▼冰砖从井口溢出,ice bricks inside the central well ©李研彤


Suddenly, it turns out that everything in the world, everything follows the alternation of cold and warm, the balance of yin and yang, and the Taoist health regimen can be achieved. This is the dual experience of the spirit and the body that the “Emotion Tea” and the space hope to convey to the people.

▼从通道进入北侧洞天,entering the small cave in the north ©李研彤

▼北侧洞天的连续空间,series of small caves in the north ©李研彤

▼视线越过窗洞与门洞,views through the windows and doors ©李研彤

▼细部,details ©李研彤

▼平面图,plan © 徽宗设计研究室

项目名称:眷茶 · 洞天福地记
项目设计 & 完成年份:2021年5月份
主创及设计团队 主持设计: 姚清轩 设计总监: 侯豫
团队: 李春雨|李波 | 徐莉莉 | 秦晨 | 李晓凤 | 刘明帅 | 汪红升| 张建 | 郭芝良
摄影: 李研彤
品牌:主要用材: 质感涂料 胡桃木 老青砖 绢布 蒙古黑石材 水晶砖 水刷石 老榆木 玻璃砖

Design: Huizong Design and Research Office
Contact e-mail: 1372804728@qq.com
Design year & Completion Year: May.2021
Leader designer & Team Chief Designer: Yao Design in Charge louis Team : |ChunyuLi |Boli | LiLiXu | ChenQin | XiaoFengLi | MingShuaiLiu | Henry wang | JianZhang | ZhiLiangGuo
Project location: Zhengzhou.China
Gross Built Area: 310m²
Photo credits: YanTong Lee
Partners: Xuantu
Clients: The Emotion tea
Brands / Products used in the project Main Material: Texture coating Walnut Old blue bricks Silk cloth Mongolian black stone Crystal brick Exposed aggregate The old elm Vitreous brick

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