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Appreciations towards XU Studio for providing the following description:


The project is located in the Creative Design Center on the eastern side of Hangzhou’s main urban area.In such a venue to negotiate past and present, accumulation and rejuvenation, It brings to people umpteen pleasant surprises with its mystery and versatility, like a dream spaceship.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©黄晓靖


Traversing a tunnel of time and space

对原始老旧建筑我们仅加以一层阳光板幕墙,并通过灯光修饰成一个巨大的发光盒子,过往人群自然被其吸引而想要一探究竟。入口隐藏在一片混凝土墙之后,门后是全暗的沉浸式隧道,是我们从现实通往未来的唯一途径。在无法辨别边界的空间里,数条DNA双螺旋结构灯光装置悬挂其中,与墙上的slogan“Discover the power of nature”一同引导我们穿越时空。

The original antique building is simply veiled with a curtain wall made of polycarbonate panel, and is modified into a gigantic luminous box by dint of light, enchanting passers-by to step in for a closer look. The entrance is concealed behind a concrete wall. Behind the door there lies an immersive tunnel in total darkness, the only way for us to set foot into the realm of future from reality. Amid this indiscernible space, myriad light equipment with the shape of a number of DNA helix structure hang within, guiding us to travel through time and space alongside with the slogan “Discover the power of nature” on the wall.

▼全暗的沉浸式隧道,the immersive tunnel in total darkness ©黄晓靖


Entering a feast for the senses



Many people ask us what JPLab is. The answers are manifold: A lab, a commercial space, an experience center, a live broadcast spot, a skin testing lab, a big data sharing platform, an open office, a greenhouse for cultivating plants, etc. In a word, for the brand, it is a “dream spaceship” flying into the future.

There are two features of the brand that impressed us deeply after we first met its founder, Jun Ping.

▼功能示意图,programme ©XU Studio


1. 实验(品质)精神
Experimental (quality) spirits



This is the very foundation on which the brand is positioned, which are also the functions and focus of image that the space needs to manifest.

Therefore, you will see here once again the “pop-up shop” two years ago—our long-term friend skin testing container. This time it morphs into an oval on a hi-tech note. The familiar facade with a mix of acrylic texture plus lighting effectively provides visual shelters for the professional skin testing space, showing the brand’s loving care towards users’ experience.

▼吧台和椭圆形测肤空间,bar counter and the oval skin testing space ©黄晓靖


The dual-lab function, coupled with the multi-functional bar counter, not only renders the most professional technical support to its pivotal product ingredients, but also delivers to its members a better experience of using the space.

▼从吧台望向展示区,view to the exhibition area from the bar counter ©黄晓靖

▼吧台和远处的咨询区域,bar counter and negotiation area in the background ©黄晓靖


2. 航天梦想
Aerospace Dream


If the experimental spirit serves as the underpinning of the project, then Junpei’s dream of roaming the outer space, in our eyes, is the driving force behind this “dream spaceship” to move forward beyond boundaries. Just like the style of the project, the cravings for science and future is expected to be felt firsthand by each and every one who experiences the entire space here.

▼展示空间,exhibition area ©黄晓靖


The huge light-transmitting display stand makes the products on it particularly impressive. The scenario of people congregating here is akin to scientists probing into knowledge together, covering a dazzling array of topics like the products’ component analysis, their displaying and retailing, etc. The wall of drawers on one side looks mechanically neat and tidy, yet there hides a deftly exquisite design. We selected the most suitable observation height for human vision, and made intelligent OLED settings for the drawers, so that the original function, which appears like a treasure trove, becomes more interactive and intelligent. Such design of screened countertops and intelligent drawers highlight the designer’s endeavor to delve into the future consumer experience.

▼展示台和展示墙,display stands and wall ©黄晓靖


Sharing Attitude



Unlike the two points mentioned above, the attitude of sharing is an important bond to bring together people because of our project and to accompany us in our growth for a long time. When we created the space and products, our original aspiration was to enable people to share the causes, feelings, rewards and even regrets within.

The entire live area, along with a major sharing and display area, is an important venue for us to give prominence to the brand value. Here we render support to diverse sharing modes in line with different scales, types and demands. In the meantime, excellent space conditions have also been provided for multi-brand crossover cooperation and co-sponsored exhibition.

▼直播区域,broadcasting area ©黄晓靖


Opening a starry garden


This is the home to the project’s treasures and the second focal point of the spatial experience. We utilized the conditions of the roof garden and created four light boxes for special use. What they have managed to provide include greenhouse conditions for the growth of raw material plants, scene descriptions for event extension, space for office receptions, science fiction scenes for activities at nights, and more importantly, the possibilities of envisioning the future for the project itself.

▼屋顶花园,roof garden ©黄晓靖

▼光盒子,light box ©黄晓靖

▼光盒子和会议室,meeting room and light boxes ©黄晓靖


Salute to the brand and user, salute to this era



In the face of a building that contrasts so sharply with the site. We are grateful to the brand who has worked hand-in-hand with us along the way for embracing the project.Our gratitude also extends to all the users, who come to this space for work, experience, visits or events, for your open-mindedness and recognition of the project,

We are fully convinced that we live in an era when the vision of roaming the outer space is not a pipe dream.

▼楼梯,stair ©黄晓靖

▼开放式办公空间,open working area ©黄晓靖

▼一层楼梯细节,stair well on the first floor ©黄晓靖


Basic Information on Materials


The whole polycarbonate panel facade is set to sparkle and shine at night, which also offers the best platform to display the mapping interaction that ensues. The wallpaper with a metallic luster texture provides visual preconditions for shaping a futuristic ambience of the space. The extensive plane light source is a real hero behind the curtain when it comes to use and scene creation. A match-up between acrylic and LED fluorescent tube strikes a perfect balance between costs and effectiveness.

▼室内墙面细部,internal surface detail ©黄晓靖

▼建筑夜间外观,building night view ©黄晓靖

▼轴测图,axon ©XU Studio

▼一层平面图,1F plan ©XU Studio

▼二层平面图,2F plan ©XU Studio

▼三层平面图,3F plan ©XU Studio


Locations: Hangzhou, China
Architects: XU Studio
Design Team: Chilcutt Xu, Sabrina Xu, Roger Luo, Mango He , Caicai, Judy
Area: 900㎡
Materials: polycarbonate panel, metal, metallic wallpaper, epoxy floor
Project Year: 2020
Photographs: Alex

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