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点击查看2020年1月发布的建筑落成相关资讯,Link to the Completion News Released in January 2020

2020年11月21日,位于珀斯的文化中心、由国际设计事务所Hassell + OMA联合设计的西澳大利亚博物馆Boola Bardip正式开放予公众参观。

 PERTH, November 21, 2020 – WA Museum Boola Bardip at Perth’s Cultural Centre, designed in joint venture by international design practices Hassell + OMA, has opened to the public.

▼户外“城市客厅”,outdoor ‘City Room’ for public cultural programs © Peter Bennetts

该博物馆被认为是一部有关西澳大利亚多元性、丰富历史及当代文化的 “故事集”。历史建筑连接上新体量,提供多样化的策展可能性,并为公共文化项目及日常活动(包括一连九天庆祝博物馆开幕的文化节)打造形成不受风雨侵扰的户外“城市客厅”。更新后的博物馆将成为本地社区及全球访客共聚一堂、享受多元化的文化体验的地方。它拥有更多的展览及活动空间,可容纳国内、外巡回演出,并为零售、餐饮布置提供了新的机会。

The Museum has been conceived as a ‘collection of stories’ about Western Australia’s diversity, rich history, and contemporary culture. Heritage buildings and new volumes have been connected to offer a variety of curatorial possibilities, and to create the sheltered, outdoor ‘City Room’ for public cultural programs and daily activities, including a nine-day cultural festival celebrating the opening. The renewed Museum will be a place where the local community and global visitors can gather to engage in diverse cultural experiences. It features additional spaces for exhibitions and events, capacity for national and international touring shows, and new retail and dining opportunities. 

▼从街道的不同角度看建筑,views of the Museum from different sides © Peter Bennetts

Hassell的董事Mark Loughnan表示:“博物馆的设计经过精心考量,将历史建筑与当代建筑结合在一起,拥抱过去与现在,为探索、思想交流以及持续讲叙西澳文化特色与故事创造可能性。” 他还表示:“对于设计出这样一个充分联系周边城市文脉、大方地向城市敞开怀抱的崭新独特的建筑形象,我们感到十分自豪。”


Hassell Principal Mark Loughnan said: “The Museum carefully combines and embraces historic and contemporary architecture to provide opportunities for exploration, sharing of ideas, and ongoing storytelling.” He added: “We are proud to have designed a new and unique architectural identity that also opens and connects generously to its context and the city.”

Two intersecting circulation loops – one vertical and one horizontal – connect the refurbished historic buildings and new structures, while offering multiple routes for different experiences of the Museum’s content. The ‘City Room’ at the heart of the project is a civic space for a variety of activities and exhibitions, used by the Museum, nearby cultural institutions, and the general public.

▼流线环路连接历史建筑与新构筑,circulation loop connecting the refurbished historic buildings and new structures © Peter Bennetts


The old and new structures embody the State’s rich architectural and cultural history and offer spaces to share diverse stories to local and international audiences. Visitors can gather at the City Room for activities that shape the State’s contemporary culture.

▼访客汇集于城市客厅,visitors gathering at the City Room for activities © Peter Bennetts

OMA 管理合伙人 – 建筑师大卫·希艾莱特(David Gianotten)表示: “博物馆深深植根于西澳大利亚。我们十分荣幸,能够打造一座可传承及继续创造西澳大利亚州文化的建筑。”

OMA 区域总监Paul Jones 表示: “该博物馆在澳大利亚乃至国际文化领域之中是独一无二的。它不只邀请参观者被动地观赏展览,还鼓励其主动创造属于自己独有的参观体验。参观者可选择适用于自身的体验路线,并享受彼此的互动交流。”

Hassell 的设计总监及董事Peter Dean 表示: “我们成功地完成了一项国际性市民项目的设计及建设交付,这个项目项涉及与多组不同利益相关者的广泛合作,尤其是与Whadjuk 长老的合作,对此我们引以为傲。本次合作以及本地社区咨询进一步推动了西澳大利亚博物馆BoolaBardip 的发展,使之作为一个国际文化目的地成为珀斯未来的另一传奇项目。”

OMA Managing Partner – Architect David Gianotten said: “The Museum is deeply rooted in Western Australia. We are proud to have created an architecture where the State’s culture is passed on and continuously made.” 

OMA Regional Director Paul Jones said: “The Museum is unique in both the Australian and international cultural landscape. It invites visitors to not only passively look at exhibitions, but also become active creators of their own museum experiences. Visito rs can choose museum journeys relevant to them and engage in dialogues with each other.”

Hassell Design Director and Principal Peter Dean said: We’re proud to have successfully designed and delivered an international civic project that involved extensive collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders, in particular the Whadjuk elders. This collaboration and local community consultation helped evolve the WA Museum Boola Bardip to become another legacy project for Perth’s future as an international cult ural destination.

▼面向广场的一侧,the facade facing the square © Peter Bennetts

Hassell + OMA 于珀斯联合组成一个工作团队,与主管建设承包商Multiplex 合作,运用双方在大型文化项目方面丰富广泛的设计及建造经验,共同打造这座博物馆。该项目团队由Hassell 的Mark Loughnan 和Peter Dean 以及OMA 的大卫·希艾莱特和Paul Jones 共同领导。

Hassell + OMA have worked as one team in Perth to deliver the Museum in partnership with managing contractor Multiplex, drawing on both practices’ extensive experience in design and construction of large-scale cultural projects. The team was led by Hassell’s Mark Loughnan and Peter Dean and OMA’s David Gianotten and Paul Jones.

▼博物馆的大屋顶,the big roof of the Museum © Peter Bennetts

西澳大利亚博物馆首席执行官Alec Coles 认为新西澳大利亚博物馆Boola Bardip 将是珀斯文化中心地带核心区的一个地标性建筑。“Hassell + OMA 建筑设计团队和建设承包商Multiplex 共同打造出一座宏伟的新建筑,其将历史建筑融合在内,同时创造了精彩的新体验。我希望该博物馆将会是一个让所有西澳大利亚人都引以为荣的博物馆。”

Western Australian Museum Chief Executive Officer Alec Coles said the new WA Museum Boola Bardip is a landmark building within the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre precinct. “The architectural team of Hassell + OMA and the contractors, Multiplex have produced a magnificent new building that embraces the heritage buildings within, whilst creating spectacular new experiences. It is a Museum of which I hope all Western Australians will be proud.”

▼开幕盛况,the grand opening scene © Peter Bennetts

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