Hutou Mountain Cafe, Wenzhou, China by Slow Coral Design

Dialogue with coffee on the top of the mountain

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The project is located in Tiedingyouyou Paradise, Xiashantou Village, Leqing City, Zhejiang Province. At the top of Hutou Mountain, which has a panoramic view of the park, sits a simple and quiet cafe.Here you can wrap up a blanket, hold a cup of freshly ground coffee, overlook the sunrise and sunset of Yandang Mountain, and feel the magnificence and softness of nature. The original intention of the design is to integrate the beauty of nature in a simple and quiet environment. Visitors to the summit will always stop and look at the top of the mountain, this is the invisible attraction of nature.

▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©瀚默视觉|叶松


Walking into the museum, a large area of French Windows give guests the greatest viewing experience, close the distance between people and nature. Order a cup of hand-ground coffee at the bar and choose the place you like, or lean against the window bar, or nest on the comfortable cloth sofa, or stay on the outdoor platform, to start a day of leisure time.

▼门厅,foyer ©瀚默视觉|叶松

▼一层休闲区,A recreational area on the first floor ©瀚默视觉|叶松

▼吧台,bar ©瀚默视觉|叶松

▼中庭,The atrium ©瀚默视觉|叶松


Cement lacquer maintained the tonal sex of dimensional simplicity, light color real wood floor brings trival temperature to the person.The old wood that the corner places, old door plank, the greenery that adorn added a vigor to the space wild interest.The abstract painting of corner office is immersed in another kind of heavy mood accidentally again.

▼浅色木地板和水泥漆创造简素而温暖的空间,simple and warm space created by cement lacquer and wooden flooring ©瀚默视觉|叶松

▼地下一层,Spatial posture expression ©瀚默视觉|叶松

▼靠窗吧台区,远眺雁荡山,Window bar area, overlooking the Yandang Mountain ©瀚默视觉|叶松

▼多种形式的休闲方式,慵懒、放松的午后,A variety of forms of leisure, lazy, relaxed afternoon ©瀚默视觉|叶松


The whole cafe is not decorated too much, but more about the spiritual blend brought by coffee and nature.The space atmosphere is simple, quiet and natural, as if under the appearance of old objects, showing a sense of beauty full of years, it makes people forget about themselves, until there is no realm of self, only calm and longing for nature.

▼空间细部,Dimensional detail ©瀚默视觉|叶松

▼盥洗室,长方形窗洞定格连绵山峦,The washroom, the rectangular window, the rolling hills ©瀚默视觉|叶松


It is as if we were looking at the moon in the sky under the water, or at the sky in the water in the clouds. The curved staircase extends from “Water and moon” to the second floor, and the circular glass skylight at the top integrates “pool”, “sky” and “moon”, feeling the artistic conception of the space under the guidance of the building curve.

▼户外平台区,黄昏,满目皆是余晖,Sunny days are full of afterglow, rainy days, pure misty rain ©瀚默视觉|叶松

▼地下一层平面图,First floor plan ©慢珊瑚设计

▼一层平面图,First floor plan ©慢珊瑚设计

▼立面图,First floor plan ©慢珊瑚设计

主创及设计团队:徐晶磊、周毅、胡佳、齐俊师、蔡加晖| 慢珊瑚设计

Project Name: Hutou Mountain Cafe
Design: Hangzhou slow coral Cultural tourism planning and Design Co., Ltd
Contact e-mail:
Design & Completion Year: 2019.10-2020.8
Leader Designer & Team: Xu jinglei, zhou yi, hu jia, qi jun, CAI jiahui | slow coral design
Project Location: Wenzhou Yueqing Agricultural Commercial Bank
Gross Built Area: 540㎡
Photo Credits: Hanmer vision|Ye song
Partners: Agricultural Commercial Bank
Clients: Fang Yuyou, Yang Bingjun, Jiang Zhengjian|Yueqing manfangshi Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd

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