Jiuxi Wedding Exhibition in Beijing, China by CLOU

A delicate space for wedding experience with contemporary technology.

Project Specs


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CLOU designed the level 4 interiors of the Chaowai ‘Jewellery Box’ for wedding planning firm Jiuxi. Flawless organisation and impeccable attention to detail are the hallmarks of every Jiuxi wedding plan as they are fashioning someone’s lifetime dream into a day. The brief asked for the interior design to express the same attention to detail and design fineness.

▼ 室内全景,overall view of the interior

1-overall3_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU


For a contemporary look we created a modernized interpretation of traditional Italian palazzo floor patterns combined with three colour variants of terrazzo flooring, black anodized steel cladding and stabilized aluminium foam wall panelling. Large rotating mirror walls create dazzling duplication effects of the space around them.

▼ 平面图,不同的地面拼花结合在一起,plan, different palazzo floor patterns combined together


▼ 全景,地面拼花不同,巨大镜面反射空间,overall view, the floor is paved in different patterns with huge mirror reflecting the space

1-overall2_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU

1-overall_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU

▼ 中式和西式婚纱被展览在不同空间,traditional and western wedding dresses are exhibited in different spaces

3-exhibition2_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU

3-exhibition_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU


With our design of the 4th floor we have been fully engaged with technology advances in our quest to design a memorable and customer-friendly experience. The central rotunda is hosting a digital experience centre, combining VR headset technology with conventional 360 degree projections and LED screens with interactive and engaging interfaces.

▼ 数码体验中心,digital experience center

3-exhibition5_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU

3-exhibition4_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU

▼ 360度投影,360 degree projection

6-movie2_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU

▼ 接待和数码婚礼体验空间,meeting and digital experience area

2-meeting_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU

2-entrance_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU


While including the ‘digital,’ the design retained a core focus on the physical, sensory and experiential dimensions of the space, creating a visceral environment that is out of the ordinary.

▼ 购物空间,shopping space

4-mirror2_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU

5-counter3_Jiuxi Wedding_CLOU

总建筑面积 (平方米): 2,500

建筑设计: CLOU
项目总监: Christian Taeubert
设计团队: 马文蕾, Sara Fontana, 余皓昕, Tiago Tavares, Tait Kaplan, 叶华
甲方: 佰宝汇
照片: 舒赫

Total GFA (sqm): 2,500

Architecture: CLOU
Project Director: Christian Taeubert
Team: Wenlei Ma, Sara Fontana, Claire Yu, Tiago Tavares, Tait Kaplan, Hua Ye
Client: Baibaohui
Photos: Shuhe

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