Jilin Museum of Classic Art, China by unarchitecte

The exploration of space organization from the perspective of visual consciousness.

Project Specs


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The Jilin Museum of Classic Art in a commercial high-rise building is located in the economic development zone in south suburb of Changchun. An independent art space being placed in a standard floor of an office building, the conflict between acceptation and context, laid the foundations of the further design.

▼C型展厅,C-space exhibition units


The architect focused on arch as a formative module, exploring its planar-metric conditions as opposed to the conventional role in section and elevation. Instead of tag along with the signified aspect of the arch as a structure revealing the material authenticity or the signifier aspect of it as a symbol representing classical meaning, the architect conceives a third strategy based on formal operations: a generative method focusing on the visual tension of arch and the dynamic composition of its variations. Arches once set in plan has tendentious visual tension, which makes the original space be pressed and divided losing its balance immediately. To rebalance the tension within the planar contour, the entire space order is dynamically adjusted according to the preinstall arch element.

▼胶囊型展厅,the capsule-shaped exhibition room

▼C空间与展台,C-space colonnade with exhibition stand

▼利用平面拱元素塑造视觉张力,arches in plan creates a tendentious visual tension

▼开放展示空间,the open exhibition space

▼内部围合展览空间,the enclosed exhibition unit



As a variant of the standard module of the urban space, the spatial design of the Jilin Museum of Classic Art uses arch as the fundamental spatial unit which are multiplied, altered, and composed under the principle of dynamic formal tension. In the transformation from plane arches to spatial mass, different material structures derive from different form rules. The whole process of design is a set of strict and systematic form generation methods which are not restricted by the material authenticity or the symbolic meaning. Instead, they represent the principle of the structural tension developed from the plane configuration of modern painting and the exploration of space organization from the perspective of visual consciousness.

▼多媒体展示间,the video room

▼展览空间,the enclosed exhibition unit

▼画室,the painting room

▼由现浇的水磨石墙壁和地板打造,designed with cast-in-place terrazzo wall and floor

▼拍卖台,auction stand




▼天花板平面图,ceiling plan




Project Name: Jilin Museum of Classic Art
Architects: unarchitecte
Website: www.unarchitecte.cn
Email: office@unarchitecte.cn
Architect in charge: Zhang Hetian
Design Team: Zhang Hetian, Sun Qingfeng, Sun Jihua, Cheng Bingli, Zhou Qingjun, Jiang Shihua
Completion Year: 2018
Area: 2000m2
Address: Level 8, Block A, Hengfeng International Building, Changchun City, Jilin Province,China
Photographer: Xiaoqi + Zhang Hetian
Text: Wang Zhilei
Consultant: Zhang Hong
Development company: Jilin Cultural Investment Group
Construction company: Jilin Overseas Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Materials:Marble, Cast-in-place terrazzo, Felt board

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