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building up a unique language for the intervention

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Jesusas is the result of a house renovation in the city centre of Valencia. The house is located on a 1934-s building that belongs to the rationalist Valencian era. The curved facade, big bay windows, and tubular railings and details will set the language of the renovation and recovery of the original details.

overview © Bodegón Cabinet


Bonjo and Miguel, our clients, confided their family patrimony to us so that we could recreate the character and story not only of the building and the house, but that of their  loved ones. The first approach was mindful. Every detail and material brought us closer to the original house. The discoveries: The original mosaic floor was covered by the 90´s terrazzo tiles, with arches in the transitions between spaces, and moldings and ceiling details that create a very unique atmosphere. The goal now was to transform it into a unique house for Miguel and Bonjo.

the entrance © Bodegón Cabinet

the living area divided by arches © Bodegón Cabinet


Beyond the original details that helped us build up a unique language for the intervention, it was important to add up the ingredients of our clients´ daily life. One is passionate about cooking and the other is a tireless engineer that is currently working remotely. This required clear house zoning. Some private areas for working and resting and a generous and open space open to all the friends they love having around. One of the main interventions was to connect the kitchen with the living and dining room and to understand all three spaces as one. This space thus becomes a public area, absorbing the light through a balcony and a big bay window and creating a nice airflow through the apartment. A pleasant breeze.

view of the open kitchen © Bodegón Cabinet

view of the dining area from the open kitchen © Bodegón Cabinet

view of the living area from the dining area © Bodegón Cabinet

the living area © Bodegón Cabinet

the custom-made kitchen bench for dividing space © Bodegón Cabinet

the open kitchen © Bodegón Cabinet


An original doorway arch connects the public and the private space through the corridor. This geometry creates a pattern that is replicated in all the doors, using coloured and textured glass as a reminder of the original materials and changing the scale of the space. The corridor becomes a complex space full of light and visual connections. The bathrooms allowed us to play and experiment with the proposed colour palate. The bedroom resolves a sensitive issue, the poor acoustic insulation of the building. This is achieved while implementing the concept formal resources: Soft geometries and the preservation and rehabilitation of the original moldings.

the pattern replicated in all the doors © Bodegón Cabinet

an original doorway arch connecting the public and the private space © Bodegón Cabinet

设计师在与客户的最初交流中了解到色彩的渊源,这些颜色标志着公寓令人难忘的旧日时光。改造中,设计师决定延续色彩的故事。由Huguet Mallorca设计的定制工作台以绿色图案点亮了厨房,公共区域的暖色玻璃和保留下来的花纹地板则与卧室淡雅的色调形成了鲜明的对比。

There were memories from the clients about the original colours from the very first conversations, so we decided to build a story about it. The palette colour is the appreciation and recognition of some landmarks of the apartment’s past. We can highlight the green patterned custom-made kitchen bench (by Huguet Mallorca), the warm coloured glass as well as the shades and patterns of the original floors against the quietness of the soft tones of the bedroom.

the bedroom © Bodegón Cabinet

details © Bodegón Cabinet

Location: Calle Jesús, Valencia, Spain. Date: 2019-2020
Typology: House Renovation

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