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Perrine Velge说:“景观超越项目本身,带来额外的好处。这就是双朝向酒吧拥有最佳视野的原因。将其置于最佳位置意味着餐厅的构成更加平等,每位客人都满足于自己的座位,不羡慕坐在别处的人。”她补充说:“我认为你一进餐厅就能感受到这一点,因为每张桌子都很酷。”这里摆着放种有绿植的巨大圆形花盆,餐厅中央是订制面料的长沙发,桌子与开放式厨房相望,酒吧高脚凳的位置可以眺望河流。室内设计师说:“我愿意坐在任何一个位置,并对此感到满意。”

▼项目概览,general view ©Studio Pim

“The view had to be a bonus, not the project itself. Which is why the double sided-bar has the best spot in terms of view. Having it in prime position means there’s a more egalitarian structure to the restaurant, making every guest happy to be at their table rather than envious of the group sitting further up”, says Perrine Velge. She adds “I think you can really feel this when you enter the space, every table has something cool about it.” There’s the giant rounded booths with plants, the long banquette in the centre with the bespoke Le Manach fabric, the tables looking over the open kitchen, and of course, the perch at the bar looking out onto the river. “I would sit on any table and be happy with it”, says the Interior Designer.

▼室外绿植,outdoor plants ©Studio Pim

▼开放露台,open terrace ©Studio Pim

▼靠墙座位区,seating area by the wall ©Studio Pim

▼临海座位区,seaside seating area ©Studio Pim

▼半室外座位区,semi-outdoor seating area ©Studio Pim

Studio Pim营造了舒适的餐厅氛围,这种氛围平等而非等级化。各处材料之间的张力吸引着顾客,例如圆滑的拱门平衡了木板的直线条、橙色瓷砖呼应了一望无际的蓝天、带有棱纹的陶土砖对比于平滑的大理石吧台。“正是这些对比使餐厅宁静而不乏味。也正是因为这些材料彼此相邻,你才可以感受它们的实体与质感。材料的对比让空间有趣而精致,既带给你平静又吸引着你。我相信这是一个介于平静和兴奋的甜蜜地点,在这里,你可以尽情欢乐。”

▼吧台:陶土砖与大理石对比 ©Studio Pim
bar: contrast between terracotta tiles and marble

▼餐厅座位区,indoor seating area ©Studio Pim

▼定制长沙发一角,corner of custom banquette ©Studio Pim

▼圆滑的拱门,voluptuous arches ©Studio Pim

▼木板的直线条,straight lines of the wood paneling ©Studio Pim

Studio Pim has achieved an easy comfort throughout Javá, which is egalitarian rather than hierarchical. However, there are little tensions everywhere in the materials that spur curiosity and draw you, such as voluptuous arches that balance out with the straight lines of the wood paneling, orange tiles compliment the endless blue skies, and ridged terracotta tiles contrast with silky smooth marble bar tops. “It’s those contrasts that provide a sense of serenity without being boring. It’s only because these materials exist next to each other that you are allowed to take in their materiality and the essence of each. It allows the space to be fun and refined at the same time. It calms you and draws you in. And I believe it’s that sweet spot, between calmness and excitement, where we can be happy”.

▼沙发细部,details ©Studio Pim

▼瓷砖细部,details ©Studio Pim

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