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Create a living environment in abandoned industrial areas

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London, September 9, 2021 – The Royal borough of Greenwich’s Planning Committee has granted planning consent for OMA’s mixed use development on London’s Greenwich Peninsula at Morden Wharf, a 2.4-hectare brownfield site located equidistant from historic Greenwich and the millennial O2 Arena.

▼项目概览,General view © Photograph by Adrienne Norman, Courtesy of OMA

▼黄昏下的摩登码头,Morden Wharf at dusk © Photograph by Adrienne Norman, Courtesy of OMA


▼规划示意,Planning diagram © OMA

▼区位对比,Location contrast © OMA

OMA’s scheme for developer U+I follows a years-long design and consultation process. Key to its development is maximizing the potential of the riverfront for public use and access. The site’s industrial past is reflected in the proposed mix of uses, balancing new residential development with employment and community uses. The existing warehouse on the site is preserved and will house small enterprises and creative businesses. Along the Thames’ edge will sit Morden Park, a 1.6-hectare public park, harkening back to the site’s marshland beginnings.

▼亲水区域,Waterfront © Photograph by Adrienne Norman, Courtesy of OMA

OMA合伙人Reinier de Graaf说:“我们的摩登码头规划方案几乎不带个人色彩,它服从于现有环境,旨在强调过去和未来。建筑的存在不是为了自身,而是为了构建中间的公共空间。”

Reinier de Graaf, OMA Partner: “Our proposition for Morden Wharf is one with little ego, a surrender to the existing context that aims to reconcile the past with the future. Architecture doesn’t exist for its own sake but to frame the public space in-between.”

▼住宅区面向河岸,Residential quarter faces the river © Photograph by Adrienne Norman, Courtesy of OMA

项目负责人Carol Patterson说:“我们在疫情前设计了一个可以随时访问的滨河公园,并为所有居家办公人员及其他半岛居民翻修了泰晤士河小径,这些都比预想的更有意义。”

Carol Patterson, Director-in-Charge: “Designed pre-pandemic, an immediately accessible riverfront public park and renovated Thames Path for all residents of the peninsula working from home or otherwise has even greater significance than envisaged.”

▼滨河公园鸟瞰,Aerial view of riverfront public park © Photograph by Adrienne Norman, Courtesy of OMA

▼居民在滨河公园进行活动,Residents activities in riverfront public park © Photograph by Adrienne Norman, Courtesy of OMA

开发商U+I的首席执行官Richard Upton说:“我们非常关心我们在这里留下的遗址。糖厂拆除25年后,我们提议让格林威治的这部分区域恢复生机,恰好我们认为现在也是码头重生的最佳时机。”

Richard Upton, U+I CEO: “We care very much about the legacy that we deliver in the Borough. 25 years after the demolition of the sugar factory our proposal will bring this part of Greenwich back to life and we think it is the time for Morden Wharf to be reborn.”

▼具有工业感的建筑外观,Industrial appearance © Photograph by Adrienne Norman, Courtesy of OMA


Morden Wharf will provide up to 1,500 new homes, in 12 high-quality, tenure-blind residential buildings, of which 35% will be affordable, including a mix of shared ownership and London Affordable Rent. Commercial and employment use will create approximately 700 new permanent jobs.

▼夜景,Night view © Photograph by Adrienne Norman, Courtesy of OMA

▼模型,Model © OMA

▼立面,Elevation © OMA

Project: Morden Wharf
Timeline: Construction start: 2012; Planning permit: 2021
Client: U+I
Address: Morden Wharf, Located off Tunnel Avenue, Greenwich, London, United
Program: Masterplan
Residential 151,000m2
Employment and Retail 17,300m2
Total 168,300m2
Park 16,000m2
Partner in Charge: Reinier de Graaf
Project Director: Carol Patterson
Project Architect: Michalis Hadjistyllis
Team: Samir Abillama, Anton Anikeev, Andre Backlund, Zuzanna Binda, Stephanie
Bigelow, Fabrizio Esposito, Federica Giorgetta, Eve Hocheng, Alicia Krzywinska,
Konstantinos Papasimakis, Xaveer Roodbeen, Lukasz Skalec, Andrea Verni, Camilla

Landscape Architect: Planit I.E
Architect, SIL Designer: Chetwoods
Architect, Unit Mix and Layout: MSMR
Architect, Gloriana Boat House: Carmody Groarke
Multi-disciplinary Engineer: Ramboll
Planning Consultant and Socio-Economics: Lichfields
Townscape and Visual Assessment Advisor: Tavernor
Project Manager: Gardiner & Theobald
Cost Consultant: Gardiner & Theobald
Consultation Advisor: Lowick Group
Wind: RWDI
Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing: Consil
Viability Consultant: Quod
Mobility Trends: DG Cities
Visualisations: Miller Hare, Pixelflakes

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