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Giving space vitality in a ‘release’ posture

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积家作为木作美学的‘创造者’,为客户探索更多生活可存在美好的同时,也将每一个细小的产品做到更好。因频率的相近,所以相遇。设计师打破常规木作展厅产品的堆叠,以 ‘放’ 的姿态给予空间生命力,使空间更加的灵活且具有艺术性。

As the creator of wood aesthetics, Jaeger-LeCoultre is good for customers to explore more life, and also to make every small product better. Because of the similar frequency, they met. Designers break the stack of conventional woodwork showroom products, giving space vitality in a ‘release’ posture, making the space more flexible and artistic.

▼装置区域总览,Device area overview



▼入口区域,Entrance area

We use the neat lines to engrave the volume, from the top to the bottom, the strength that comes out of the hair, and then confide after storage, so that the space has a high and low layered sense. Then the ‘there’ will shake the rest of the red box in the space, and it will be scattered in every corner. The second one will store the third one, and the third one will contain the fourth one…

The unexpectedness of ‘existence’ has sometimes become a surprise. The slid of the square body is directly and openly exposed, allowing him to rub with the space, tolerate each other, and then dissipate it to form a unique ‘field’.

▼红盒在空间抖落开来,the red boxes are scattered in the space


Red creates a unique and tensioning mood. The red body at the entrance has a small surprise. If you can still be shocked, you can go deep inside. The openness of the central area provides a diverse sense of experience, they form their own language in the cracks of each possibility, and also create a rich ‘bump’ for the space.

▼装置细节,Device details


Distort, stretch, stretch, and shrink. These blocks are wrapped in a semi-enclosed wall of irregular walls, the walls are inadvertently turned, and each space creates a dialogue. The combination of mirror and space makes the experience of space more three-dimensional. Each area: the center, the office area, the rest area can see the center of the device, different perspectives produce different perceptions. In the current fragmentation experience, we want to give space more possibilities and some new thinking, let people who walk into space form their own imaginary world.

▼为空间塑造丰富的‘凹凸’ ,creating a rich ‘bump’ for the space

▼办公区域看向装置区域,Office area looking at the device area

▼解构分析图,Deconstruction analysis

▼平面图,Floor plan

项目设计 & 完成年份:2019

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