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Redraw with new Taoyuan.

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This is Zhejiang TV charity project “almighty resident” wrap up. Hangzhou Southern Song imperial street, trapped in the heavy rain in the hundred years old, 93 years old mounting division would leave home, a new tribute to the old craftsmen ingenuity, redraw with new Taoyuan.

▼庭院一览,view of the courtyard


Field situation is very complex, need to face a lot of dilapidated buildings, has been unable to use, but also face the natural ecological system of mountain building, especially water system, how to put down the rainwater and the water on the mountain right and construction risk to use, is a serious problem to have. In the face of various functions of indoor space meet, such as no living water and sewage system, no Restroom living together is very inconvenient, such as insulation, ventilation, and the occupants of the hobby and so on. There is a very important, in this space, how do we do it, construction, integration of natural, how to dialogue, including the old grandpa’s ingenuity through space to express how the spirit of respect and inherit our meaning. A transformation a month, a limited budget, the summer weather, the design team and construction team to face and solve is a challenge. After all efforts, the final completion.

▼改造前,before transformation


▼改造后平面图,plan after transformation


Hoping that, through the design of the expression, in a picture. The four great painter “part” of the composition style, so that the screen is full of artistic conception of the space, let a person’s life, the natural wind and rain, building lighting is the content of the painting, nature has been very rich, do not need too much decoration, finally, a white screen appears. Designed to build a “painting”, gave the old grandpa, I hope he lives in the life of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting painting, comfortable health care. As a new tribute to the old master craftsmen, painting paintings, hundred years of praise.

▼庭院夜景,courtyard in the dark


▼院内小景,details in the courtyard



▼裱画室,study room

▼裱画室面向花园景观,the study room face to the courtyard


▼裱画室小景,details in the study room



▼卧室与庭院对视,face to the courtyard

▼以天然植物做背景墙,use the natural environment as background




Project: design and transformation of the old house in the imperial street in Southern Song Dynasty
Title: inside the picture
Design unit: ATDESIGN| Hangzhou time building space design office
Design content: interior design, architectural modification, garden renovation
Main case design: Shen Mo
Design team: Song Danli, Li Jiali
Project scale: 30 flat indoor, 70 flat courtyard
Project construction: Zheng Qiang
Project Photography: Ye Song
Completion time: 2017.7

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