‘Humble Pizza’ Cafe by Child Studio

An iconic pink Formica cafe for London’s Chelsea

Project Specs

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灵感 | Inspiration

‘Humble Pizza’素食咖啡馆位于伦敦标志性的国王大街,其所在的街区是20世纪英国时尚、音乐和流行文化潮流的代名词。Child Studio从场地的文化背景中汲取灵感,尤其是上世纪中期开始在伦敦西区出现的‘Formica咖啡厅’——它们通常由意大利的移民家庭开设,提供简单的小吃和饮料,室内装修简约而具有现代感,多采用层压板表面以及柔和淡雅的配色。席卷国王大街乃至整个伦敦的“咖啡馆文化”正是从这里发源。

▼咖啡厅外观,exterior view

A new plant-based cafe has recently opened on the iconic King’s Road, the neighbourhood synonymous with alternative British fashion, music and pop culture movements of the 20th Century from mods and hippies to punks and New Romantics. London-based designers Child Studio drew from these cultural references when creating the space. The inspiration for the design came from the staple of British vernacular mid-century design – the ‘Formica cafes’, which first started appearing in London’s West End in the 50s. Typically established by Italian immigrant families, those coffee bars served simple snacks and drinks in pared-back modernist interiors of laminate surfaces and pastel tones. This was the beginning of the ‘cafe culture’ in London with King’s Road at the epicentre, attracting musicians, photographers and bohemian characters of all styles.

▼入口地面细部,entrance paving detail


空间 | The space 

充满活力的室内空间完全被糖果粉色的Formica饰面板覆盖,从墙壁一直延伸到柜台和桌面。樱桃木材质的边框增强了这些壁板的节奏感,同时与马赛克瓷砖地面、樱桃木置物架和霓虹灯等一系列精妙的细部形成呼应。具有上世纪中期经典风格的灯具由欧洲设计师Poul Henningsen、Jacques Biny和Luigi Massoni设计。

The vibrant space is clad in wall-to-wall candy pink Formica, which continues along counter fronts and across tables tops. The rhythmic pattern is highlighted with cherry wood framing each laminate panel. Other subtle winks to the past include mosaic tiled flooring, cherry wood shelving and neon signage. The cafe is accessorised with the classic mid-century lighting pieces by European designers Poul Henningsen, Jacques Biny and Luigi Massoni.

▼室内空间完全被糖果粉色的Formica饰面板覆盖,the vibrant space is clad in wall-to-wall candy pink Formica

▼粉色面板从墙壁一直延伸到柜台和桌面,the pink laminate panel continues along counter fronts and across tables tops

▼樱桃木置物架和霓虹灯,cherry wood shelving and neon signage



The cafe sits behind a characterful period timber shopfront. The facade was stripped back from the later additions to reveal the original features, including the ornate cast iron grilles. The long and narrow floor plan informed the layout with a long banquette seat flanking one side and a 5,5 metre display counter located along the opposite wall. An illuminated cherry-clad lightbox frames the ‘open kitchen’ counter towards the rear of the space, creating a cinematic focal point whilst offering a glimpse behind the scenes and celebrating the food making process focused on plant-based ingredients.

▼长椅座位,banquette seat

▼从用餐空间望向厨房,view to the kitchen from the dining area

▼以樱桃木覆盖的灯箱在空间的末端框出一个“开放式厨房”,an illuminated cherry-clad lightbox frames the ‘open kitchen’ counter towards the rear of the space

“Humble代表着一种对国王大街的历史的幻想。那时Vivienne Westwood正打算开设她的第一家精品店;滚石乐队还在Chelsea Drugstore里闲逛。大街上充满了嬉皮士、朋克青年和时髦的小孩。”——Child Studio创始人Alexey Kostikov和Chieh Huang。

‘Humble’ is a fantasy about King’s Road of the time when Vivienne Westwood was setting up her first boutique down the road, The Rolling Stones were hanging out at the notorious ‘Chelsea Drugstore’ and the street was buzzing with hippies, punks and fashion kids’ – commented Alexey Kostikov and Chieh Huang, the founders of Child Studio.

▼空间细部,interior detailed view


Project credits
Interior design: Child Studio (Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov)
Photography: Child Studio (Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov)
Food photography: Steven Joyce

Cafe details
Location: 342 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5UR
Cuisine: Plant-based / vegan
Opening hours: Daily 12pm – 10pm
Website: humblepizza.co.uk
Instagram: @humble.pizza

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