House of Tranquility by Tal Goldsmith Fish

Minimalist space with meditative feeling

Project Specs


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项目位于以色列特拉维夫,这座庞大的住宅完美地体现了它的名字“宁静之宅”。Tal Goldsmith Fish事务所设计的400㎡的多层空间散发着静谧感,这种感觉源于业主“冷静和沉思的本性”。

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, a sprawling new residence known as the House of Tranquility perfectly embodies its name. The 400-square-meter, multilevel space designed by Tal Goldsmith Fish exudes a meditative feeling, one inspired by the owners’ “calm and reflective nature,” as she explains it.

▼空间概览,preview © Amit Geron


To create this soothing mood, Fish employed a light, monochromatic color palette, natural materials, and clean lines. The space is open and bright, featuring simple geometric patterns and minimalist décor, including the lighting.

▼入口,entrance © Amit Geron

▼起居室,family room © Amit Geron

▼近景,closer view © Amit Geron

▼从起居室望向餐厅与厨房,view to dining room and kitchen from family room © Amit Geron

▼从厨房望向客厅,view to living room from kitchen © Amit Geron

▼开阔明亮的客厅,open and bright living room © Amit Geron

▼女主人在客厅做瑜伽 © Amit Geron
the hostess is doing yoga in the living room

▼极简装饰,minimalist décor © Amit Geron

设计师在楼梯间安置了几组Arik Levy设计的结构壁灯(Structural Wall Lamp),其中一对位于负一层和一层之间,另一对位于通向顶层的地方。固定灯具由简约立方体和细长金属杆组成,金属杆既连接又分割铝块。

In the stairwell, Fish placed several Structural Wall Lamp by Arik Levy—a pair between the lower level and main floor, and another pair leading to the top floor. The fixtures are composed of simple cubic forms paired with slender metal rods that both link and separate the volumes encased in aluminum boxes.

▼楼梯间,stairwell © Amit Geron

▼楼梯间内部,inside view of stairwell © Amit Geron


This deconstructed design creates disparate points of direct and indirect LED- powered light washing across the stairway. The glowing silhouettes, positioned at right angles, appear in dialogue with one another, merging with the surrounding architecture and doubling as cubist wall art. Their finish, a soft dove grey, offers a counterpoint to the snow-white backdrop in which it appears.

▼两对Arik Levy设计的壁灯 © Amit Geron
two pairs of wall lamps designed by Arik levy

▼卧室,bedroom © Amit Geron

▼细部,details © Amit Geron

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan © Tal Goldsmith Fish

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