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Project Specs


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The house is built on the land 113m2. The purpose is a minimalist outside space, modern and fully functional inside. The house shows clearly the owner’s personality: realist, the space is filled with green trees and raw materials.

▼建筑与周围环境,project and surrounding environment © Quang Dam

▼由道路看建筑,viewing the project from street © Quang Dam


Because the land is near the market, the owner has leased the first floor for business. Other floors, the owner wants to have a difference from the outside space, so H2 creates a cover with green trees combined with ventilation walls, which are made of iron frames and cemboards.

▼绿植与镂空混凝土外墙,green trees combined with ventilation walls made of iron frames and cemboards. © Quang Dam

– 1层:车库,可出租的商铺
– 2层:3套小型出租公寓
– 3层:3套大型出租公寓
– 4层:客厅,主卧,2间次卧
– 5层:厨房 + 餐厅
– 6层:业主的私人办公室

The house’s function includes 6 floors:
– 1st floor : garage, shop for rent.
– 2nd floor: 03 small apartments for rent
– 3rd floor: 03 large apartments for rent
– 4th floor: 01 master bedroom, 02 small bedrooms, 01 living room
– 5th floor: kitchen + dining room
– 6th floor: the owner’s office

▼由外部看五层餐厅,viewing the 5th floor from outside © Quang Dam

▼外墙细部,detail of the facade © Quang Dam

▼露天阳台与茂盛的绿植,outdoor terrace with green vegetation © Quang Dam


▼五层开放空间概览,overall of the fifth floor © Quang Dam

▼开放式的餐厅与厨房,open kitchen and dining area © Quang Dam

▼厚重的混凝土墙壁作为住宅的支撑结构,Thick concrete walls serve as the supporting structure of the house © Quang Dam

▼室内与室外空间的交融, blend of interior and exterior © Quang Dam

The owner lives in Saigon and has a busy working time, so she wants her house where has a space to enjoy the true resort style and become a warm highlight among the crowded market town. So, all the bedrooms, kitchen, working room, toilet are lit with yellow light and have a green view. Especially, the owner reserves the 5th floor where has a city view, makes an open kitchen space to create the feeling of immersing in nature. This open space contrasts with the quiet life, which is hidden behind arc concrete walls and vegetable garden and fruit trees around. The rooftop is the owner’s office, it combines with the kitchen by a small open-air staircase in the style of steps, that creates a softer space for the house.

▼卧室,bedroom© Quang Dam

▼卧室露台,terrace of the bedroom © Quang Dam

▼室内墙壁细部,detail of the interior wall © Quang Dam

▼浴室,bathroom © Quang Dam

▼卫生间,restroom © Quang Dam

▼一层平面图,1st floor plan © H.2

▼二层平面图,2nd floor plan © H.2

▼三层平面图,3rd floor plan © H.2

▼三层夹层平面图,3rd floor’s mezzanine plan © H.2

▼四层平面图,4th floor plan © H.2

▼五层平面图,5th floor plan © H.2

▼顶层平面图,rooftop floor plan © H.2

▼立面图,elevation © H.2

▼剖面图,section © H.2

Project name: Hoa’s house
Architect’s Firm: H.2
Lead Architects:
Trần Văn Huynh
Nguyễn Thi Xuân Hải
Nguyễn Đức Khánh
Nguyễn Văn Hóa
Đỗ Trọng Nhân Kiệt
Nguyễn Văn Trung.
Interior: KAA Studio
Contact e-mail: h2arch.vn@gmail.com
Project location: Ward 13, Binh Gia street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh city
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 113m2
Other participants:
Owner: Ms Hoa
Construction: AT cons
Iron: Mr Vân
Window: Mr Duy
Lighting: Megan man
Photo credits: Quang Dam
Photographer’s website: http://quangdam.com

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