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致力于设计、开发和空间运营的事务所Noiascape日前为伦敦共享生活网络品牌High Street House设计了其最新的门店。该项目由Noiascape与Teatum & Teatum建筑事务所合作完成。

Noiascape have completed High Street House, the latest addition to the network of spaces providing modern, design-led, co-living buildings across London. Noiascape is an integrated organisation, working at the interface between design, development and the operation of space. High Street House has been designed and developed by Noiascape Studio with Teatum & Teatum architects.

▼项目外观,exterior view © Nicolas Worley

High Street House提供多种长期或短期出租的工作室和住宅公寓,其目的是为会员提供在同一地点生活、工作和社交的机会,同时免去每日通勤的烦恼。


High Street House provides a unique collection of studios and apartments for rent on short and long stays. The House is organised to allow members to live, work and socially interact all from one location, removing the need to commute to work daily.

Each private space is connected to a series of shared spaces. A co-working lounge and flexible event spaces are located at ground floor. Visually the co-working lounge is connected to the circulation routes through large areas of glazing. This openness creates visual interaction between spaces and facilitates incidental encounter.

▼共享大厅,co-working lounge © Nicolas Worley

▼共享厨房,the shared kitchen © Nicolas Worley

位于中央的钢制楼梯,其扶手结合了微缩图书馆的功能,鼓励会员们“以书会友”。Noiascape事务所担任了公共区域的策划和设计,旨在关注学习和文化活动,通过合作、委托与合资的方式,为High Street House会员以及居住在当地的人们提供多样化的内容。

A central steel staircase has a micro library built into the handrail, encouraging members to connect over books they have shared. Shared spaces will be curated by Noiascape with a focus on learning and cultural events. Noiascape will use collaborations, commissions and joint ventures to provide a diverse range of content that can be accessed by members that live in building and by those that live locally.

▼钢制中央楼梯,central steel staircase © Nicolas Worley

a micro library was built into the handrail © Nicolas Worley

staircase leading to apartments © Nicolas Worley

充满活力的色彩和材料搭配定义出High Street House的内部环境。彩色的混凝土地面、黑色的钢制楼梯以及用道格拉斯冷杉木手工定做的厨房和床铺共同营造出独特的室内氛围,让每个人的日常生活变得更具品质。

Throughout, spaces are defined by vibrant material contrasts. Pigmented concrete floors, black milled steel stairs along with bespoke hand-made kitchens & beds are crafted from Douglas fir, creating a unique set of interiors, intended to elevate the everyday rituals we all share.

▼起居室,living space © Nicolas Worley

▼楼梯俯瞰,staircase aerial view © Nicolas Worley


Noiascape studio have designed and developed key pieces of furniture within the private spaces. Oversized beds, formed from Douglas Fir and handmade in the UK, are conceived as an open landscape facilitating rest, work, entertainment, learning & reflection. The design responds to a Noiascape’ research project that assessed how we use space in modern rental apartments. The research revealed that mobile technology has allowed the bed to be the most used space in the home. So Noiascape have designed a bed that can be a stage for modern living – a space that can be a refuge from the city.

▼开放的床铺能够同时满足休息、工作、娱乐、学习和思考的需要 © Nicolas Worley
beds are conceived an open landscape facilitating rest, work, entertainment, learning & reflection

the bed as a stage for modern living © Nicolas Worley


Mobile storage units, formed in perforated laser cut steel form a visual and sculptural object within the apartments. Their mobility allows spaces to change as the unit is relocated, allowing guests the flexibility to create different spatial organisations to suit their everyday needs.

Noiascape will continue to develop limited edition furniture runs in collaboration with young British Designers. Creating spaces that are expressive and bespoke and in doing so supporting young talent. Limited edition furniture will shortly be available online.

mobile storage units allows spaces to change © Nicolas Worley

▼室内细节,interior details © Nicolas Worley

该项目延续了Noiascape对“共享生活”类型学的研究和实践,在应对共享经济带来的结构性变化的同时,创造出全新的城市居住模式。Noiascape将“共享生活”视为一种新的空间类型,它扩展了“家”的概念,使社会互动成为日常居住体验的一部分。“家”瞬间不再只是一个由私密性定义的空间概念――High Street House将其从私人领域扩展到与人、社区和体验网络相连接的个人空间,使“家”不再受限于大门内,而是与更宏大、更社会化的事物相连。

The project is the continuation of Noiascape’s development of the Co-Living typology. Innovating new models for how we can live in cities while responding to the structural change the shared economy provides. Noiascape see Co-Living as a new spatial typology that can extend the concept of home, to make social interaction part of the every day experience of the place you live. Suddenly home is not just a spatial concept defined by privacy – High Street House extends the concept of home, from a single private space, to a private space connected to a network of people, community and experiences – allowing your home to be connected to something bigger and more social that extends beyond your front door.

▼阳台,terrace © Nicolas Worley

▼浴室,bathroom © Nicolas Worley

Images- Nicolas Worley
Architects: Teatum + Teatum

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