HEYTEA at Zhengzhou Grand Emporium, China by MOC DESIGN OFFICE

Ink and wash impression in dimension

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饮茶自从汉代出现以来,时至今日其作为传统文化之一依旧在中国人的生活中扮演着极为重要的角色。从传统的茶道到年轻人喜爱的新式茶饮“喜茶”, MOC DESIGN从这些变化中看到传统文化随着时代推进而催生出新的形式的更多可能。

As a traditional culture since Han Dynasty, tea drinking still plays an important part in Chinese people’s daily life. From the traditional Chinese tea ceremony to young people’s favorite tea drink brand HEYTEA, MOC DESIGN witnessed that traditional culture had stimulated many new forms as the advancement of the time.

▼门店外观,store front

在这个茶饮空间中,MOC DESIGN通过将中国传统书法艺术用年轻人更关注的现代手段重构,探索传统书法艺术在新时代语境下的可能性,从而达成空间设计与喜茶在品牌精神的高度契合。

In this tea drinking space, a modern approach, which is more related to young people, is employed to reshape Chinese traditional calligraphy and explore the possibility of calligraphy in the context of new era, achieving the high-level integration between the space design and HEYTEA’s brand spirit.

▼透过玻璃幕墙看到室内的装置,view to the indoor installation from outside


Tea has inspired the literati for thousands of years. Tea is not only an essential drink in the social occasions among Chinese ancient intellectuals, but also the spontaneous inspiration for ink and wash improvisation. The medium for Chinese art of calligraphy is water and ink and it is particular about the rich spiritual core delivered in the simple lines, just like tea offering different tastes.

▼室内概览,interior overview

▼悬浮在座位区上方的艺术装置,art installation above the seating area

书法的基本元素是笔触。落墨或干或湿、或浓或淡、或遒劲或悠扬,期间蕴含无尽的内涵。MOC DESIGN将书法艺术中水墨笔触的印象,以艺术装置的形式在空间中立体化呈现。

The basic element of calligraphy is stroke. The stroke, either dry or wet, strong or light, steep or gentle, carries significant meanings. The design team vividly transformed ink-wash strokes in calligraphy into the art installation in the space.

▼艺术装置设计示意,art installation design concept

▼墙面设计示意,wall design concept


With the white space as paper, the black bamboos are hung up in the air, just like the brush touch in a three-dimensional space.

▼用餐区概览,dining area overview

▼空间细部,interior detailed view

▼白色的空间为纸,黑色竹子犹如笔触,white space as paper, while black bamboo as brush stroke

▼装置细部,installation detailed view

随着时代不断前行,当新式茶饮延续了茶文化的生命,MOC DESIGN也与喜茶一道探寻传统文化与当下年轻人连接的更多可能。

As time goes on, new-style tea drinking extends the life of tea culture. Together with HEYTEA, MOC DESIGN worked to explore more possibilities to connect the traditional culture with young generations.

▼从座位望向装置,view from the seats

▼靠墙座位区,seating area along the wall

▼墙面标识设计,sign design

▼门店外观,exterior view



设计单位:MOC DESIGN OFFICE (www.moc-office.com)
面积:250 m2

Project Name: HEYTEA at Zhengzhou Grand Emporium
Design Company: MOC DESIGN OFFICE (www.moc-office.com)
Chief Designers: Vivi Wu, Sam Liang
Design Phase: August 2018 – September 2018
Completion: November 2018
Location: Zhengzhou, China
Area: 250 m2
Materials: White lacquered aluminum sheet / Bamboo / Mirrored stainless steel
Client: HEYTEA
Installation Production: YOHO Art Studio
Photography: ArchiTranslator


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