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Linehouse(联图)受加拿大生活方式品牌Herschel Supply委托,负责操刀其全亚洲零售店铺的设计,位于东京潮流中心涩谷的店面是Herschel Supply的首家旗舰店。Herschel品牌的发源地加拿大温哥华三面环山,一面傍海,是一座在自然风貌中崛起的现代化都市。Linehouse以都市森林中的栖息地为灵感,在涩谷繁华的购物街打造了一个城市版本的林中木屋。

Linehouse was commissioned by Canadian lifestyle brand Herschel Supply to develop their retail stores throughout Asia. The Tokyo location is the first flagship for Herschel Supply, located in the trendy streets of Shibuya.  Drawing from Herschel’s roots in Vancouver, Canada, an urban centre surrounded by nature, Linehouse took the notion of the urban forest and the kind of dwelling one might find there. In doing so, they reconceptualised the alpine cabin for an urban context, creating a fragmented dwelling.

▼品牌店铺概览,view of the brand store


The façade is lined with angled timber battens, painted on either side in various hues of blue. A shifting horizon of colour is experienced on approaching the store. From one direction the façade appears to be wood in finish, and as one passes by this shifts into a gradient of blue.

▼从一侧看外立面为原木本色,from one direction the facade appears to be wood in finish

▼另一侧为深浅渐变的蓝色,from the other side the facade is in a gradient of blue


At lower level the wood battens are stacked horizontally, cut at an angle to create a void space below, operating as an exterior visual merchandising display box framed by black metal and glass. Pivoting doors are set back into the shopfront, fully opening the façade, drawing the interior out to the street.

▼方形木桩的三角阵和黑色金属陈列橱窗,triangular wood battens and black metal display box

▼与街道呈角度的玻璃旋转门,pivoting doors are at an angle to the street


The wood battens create a threshold for the storefront, blurring the interior and exterior experience. Passing through the field of timber battens, one enters ‘the clearing’; conceptually referencing the idea of an open expansive space nestled within the forest. The translucent opal stretch ceiling is illuminated, and the walls are lined with hand etched polished stainless steel. The etching dissipates vertically on the panels, allowing for a polished surface at high level, and a blurred finish at low level. These panels operate as a flexible system for display.

▼木条从入口延伸至室内,wood battens expand from exterior to interior

▼半透明天花板兼具照明功能,translucent opal stretch ceiling is illuminated

stainless steel wall polished at high level and a blurred finish at low level


Painted wood battens are vertically stacked in the interior, interlocking with the wood ceiling above, allowing for interchangeable bag display. These line the perimeter wall, drawing the exterior treatment into the interior.

▼室内一角沿用外部木桩元素,painted wood battens are used in the interior


A vertical black box is recessed into the wall with a thin black metal structure staircase, allowing one to meander to the second floor where further merchandise is on display. The cashier and accessory table are assembled of brushed stainless steel, with recessed panels of layered blue acrylic.

▼窄黑金属金属框架的楼梯,thin black metal structure staircase



▼楼梯剖面,staircase section

摄影: Jonathan Leijonhufvud(雷坛坛)
Completion : 2018
Architect : Linehouse
Area : 174sqm
Location : 6-18-11, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
Photographer : Jonathan Leijonhufvud

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