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HAYA餐厅位于诺丁山(Notting Hill)的中心地段,已于今年秋天正式开业。它是一家地中海风格的餐厅,设计灵感来自于以色列特拉维夫市(Tel Aviv)内的建筑。在以色列的美好时光在HAYA餐厅创始人Victoria Paltina的心中留下了不可磨灭的印记,因此设计团队以Victoria在那里发现和经历过的生动的文化为基础,创造出一个温馨舒适的用餐环境。餐厅全天开放,室内设计无一不在衬托着简单的地中海美食和营养丰富的季节性食材。

HAYA, the neighbourhood Mediterranean restaurant taking influences from Tel Aviv opened its doors in the heart of  this Autumn. Inspired by founder Victoria Paltina’s visits to the Israeli city, HAYA is born of the lively, spirited culture she found there and will be open all day, with a focus on simple Mediterranean sharing plates and nutritious, seasonal ingredients.

▼餐厅室内环境一角,interior view of the restaurant


HAYA, designed by A-nrd studio, is split across two floors and feature floor-to-ceiling timber sash windows, flooding the restaurant with natural light from morning to evening. Featuring warm oak wood flooring, textured concrete walls and a plant-laden green ceiling, the ground floor of the restaurant is dedicated to the dining room, with blush marble topped tables dotting the space, and velvet and terrazzo effect fabric adding splashes of colour against the concrete textured walls.

▼餐厅局部,淡粉色的大理石餐桌、天鹅绒和水磨石座椅为混凝土质感的空间增加了色彩点缀,partial interior view of the restaurant, the blush marble topped tables dotting the space, and velvet and terrazzo effect fabric add splashes of colour against the concrete textured walls

菜单的设计以主厨Oren King在特拉维夫生活经历为切入点。白天里,HAYA餐厅为人们提供了一个休闲放松的地中海式用餐环境。午间时段,顾客们既可以在这里享用简餐,也可以惬意地品尝如布拉塔芝士、糖渍枇杷和果醋沙拉等精致美食;藜麦沙拉配上碎奶酪和一点石榴籽、精心烹饪的羊排配上一勺蜂蜜酸奶,这些都是不错的选择。当夜幕降临的时候,灯光逐渐变暗,温暖的烛光营造出一种更加亲密的空间氛围。此时人们便可以分享一系列装在小盘子里的真正的季节性地中海美食,如鸭胸青麦烩饭、脆皮大虾配辣酸乳酪和哈里萨辣椒酱、火炙金枪鱼配自制浓缩酸奶等。

▼餐厅局部,采用橡木地板,墙壁上开有圆形洞口,partial interior view of the restaurant with oak wood flooring, opening the round holes on the walls

Daytimes at HAYA takes their cue from the informality of Mediterranean dining culture while the menu is inspired by Head Chef Oren King’s Tel Aviv background. Guests can drop in for a quick midday snack or take a more relaxed approach with dishes such as burrata, loquat compote, and a drizzle of citrus vinaigrette; quinoa salad, crumbled feta cheese and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds; and spiced lamb cutlets served with a spoonful of honey yoghurt. As evening draws in, the lights are dimmed, and warm candlelight give a more intimate feeling to the space. In true Mediterranean style, seasonally-changing small plates will lend themselves to sharing, such as zaatar duck breast, freekeh risotto; crispy prawns, spicy yoghurt and harissa; and seared tuna, dukkah and homemade labneh.

▼餐厅局部,墙体被粉刷成彩色,配以置物架作为展览空间,partial interior view of the restaurant, the walls are painted chromatic with the shelves as the display space

▼餐厅局部,水磨石座椅、大理石桌面、彩色的墙体和砖墙结构相得益彰,partial interior view of the restaurant, terrazzo seatings, marble tables, colored walls and brick structure complement each other


At the far side, the kitchen is open, allowing guests to see and hear the action unfold. Downstairs takes on the warmth of a Tel Aviv household, from the home-style bar featuring a bespoke stained glass window to the large white marble sharing table and the bold coloured walls lined with mirrors and art work.

▼餐厅局部,设有白色大理石的共享餐桌和挂有镜子的彩色墙壁,partial interior view of the restaurant with white marble sharing tables and the bold coloured walls lined with mirrors

▼彩色空间细节,details of the colored space

▼餐厅外观细节,details of the exterior view of the restaurant

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