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Project Specs


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Arijiju位于肯尼亚莱基皮亚高原一个占地32000英亩的Borana自然保护区内。Michael Dyer拥有的这片土地本来是一个养牛场,有包括高度濒危的黑犀牛在内的大量野生动物生活于此。黑犀牛是从附近的莱瓦野生动物保护协会和纳库鲁国家公园迁移到Borana的,由于受到武装偷猎者的威胁,保护它们往往需要付出巨大的代价。

Arijiju is set in the 32,000 acre Borana Conservancy in the savanna grasslands of the Ewaso ecosystem on the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya. The land owned by Michael Dyer and originally a cattle ranch is rich with wildlife including the highly endangered black rhino, which were relocated to Borana from the neighbouringLewa Wildlife conservancy and Nakuru National Park. With rhino constantly under threat from armed poachers, there is a huge cost to maintain their wellbeing.

▼建筑鸟瞰图,aerial view


为了筹集资金,Dyer决定将部分土地租给本次项目的客户来建造一幢私人住宅。当房子无人居住时就将它出租,获得的利润则用于Borana保护区的日常维护。Michaelis Boyd事务所曾为该客户在诺丁山设计了一栋住宅,这一次,客户依然委托MB团队在这里为他打造一个全新的家庭度假村。

To help raise the money, Dyer decided to lease a parcel of land to our Client on which to build a private home, and on occasions when the house was uninhabited, could be rented out and profits put towards the Borana conservation projects. Michaelis Boyd had previously designed the Client’s home in Notting Hill and now wished for us to design his new holiday family retreat.

▼从远处看去,建筑与自然融为一体,seen from a distance, architecture blends in with nature


Design Concept


The Client and Michaelis Boyd did not want a traditional African thatched roof with dark interiors but a design that merged African and European styles, something very different to lodges found in this part of Kenya. Spaces that allowed for peace and privacy were paramount and so inspiration came from spaces of contemplation such as Le Thoronet Abbey, a Cistercian monastery built in Provence in the 12th Century. The property has been tucked into a low southern slope to allow the user to experience a connection with the surrounding nature and close to the watering hole where wildlife often gathers. The property has been carefully positioned to face south to enjoy the breathtaking views of the snowcapped peaks of Mount Kenya.

▼建筑的空间充满私密性与平静感,spaces that allowed for peace and privacy

▼长长的石柱拱形走廊创满了欧式风情,long stone column arch corridor full of European style


It took many site visits to ensure that the buildings and terraces were perfectly positioned with the sun’s movement, sheltered from the wind and hidden from view. It was also essential that all the rooms received plenty of natural light so to ensure this a daylight study was carried out. The buildings were to be constructed from local materials, meru stone from a local quarry for the walls, local grevilia timber for the ceiling beams, lintels and pergolas and flat grass planted roofs to further blend in with the surrounding landscape.

▼在露台可以欣赏日出日落的美景,on the terrace, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset

▼藤架由当地的grevilia木材打造,local grevilia timber for the pergolas


Design Highlights

入口 | Entrance


Guests and family members approaching by car are dropped off away from the main house out of view. A winding path amongst the savannah grassland leads down a staircase carved out of a rocky outcrop. It 2 is only then that a large arched timber door front entrance comes to view. The front door opens up to a green oasis courtyard garden set within colonnaded, groin vaulted walkways. The bedrooms and living areas can all be accessed from the courtyard.

▼大门通往一个带柱廊和拱形走道的花园庭院,the front door opens up to a green oasis courtyard garden set within colonnaded, groin vaulted walkways


住宅主体 | Main House


▼起居空间拥有4.5米高的露梁斜顶天花板、巨大的拱形落地窗,a large living room on the southernmost side with 4.5m high exposed timber joisted ceilings, large arched crittal windows

▼用餐区域有大型简洁的石砌壁炉,a large yet simple stone fireplace, all handmade by the local craftsmen

▼工作区域兼书房,work area and study

▼可供客人休闲消遣的露台,a terrace for guests to relax

▼无边露天泳池,the infinity pool

The bedrooms include two children’s ensuite bedrooms and a master ensuite bedroom all with open fireplaces for the cold nights and outdoor terraces. The bathrooms have both walk in showers and cast copper baths. The bedrooms are positioned to enjoy the sunrise views of Mount Kenya. A large living/dining room on the southernmost side with 4.5m high exposed timber joisted ceilings, large arched crittal windows a large yet simple stone fireplace, all handmade by the local craftsmen. There is a breakfast/bar dining area on the southwestern corner that leads onto the pool terrace with an infinity pool on the western side where one can enjoy the views of the wildlife amongst the yellow fever trees and rich grasslands. The pool terrace has a large outdoor dining table, and pergola to protect from the hot midday sun, where one can enjoy a meal cooked on the nearby outdoor barbeque and pizza oven. There is a terrace with loungers and a pergola on the main roof where one can relax and enjoy the sunset views.

▼主卧套间装有供寒冷夜晚使用的开放式壁炉,a master ensuite bedroom all with open fireplaces for the cold nights

▼套间内的奢华浴室,a luxury bathroom in the suite

▼浴室内的铜铸浴缸,the copper bath in the bathroom

▼卧室窗外的风景,the view from the bedroom window


客房与桑拿设施  | Guest Houses and Spa Facilities


Guests can stay at the two large standalone guest houses adjacent to the main house or the manager’s house further to the west of the site which is also standalone stone clad structure with two bedrooms and a living room fully equipped with a kitchen. A path from the pool terrace lead to small thatched and grass roofed buildings nestled into the landscape which house a gym, yoga platform, treatment room and spa retreat. There is also a squash and tennis court within the site but out of view.

▼桑拿间入口,the entrance of the spa

▼桑拿房内部墙壁上铺着带有非洲风格的印花瓷砖,the interior walls of the sauna are covered with printed tiles in African style


员工宿舍 | Staff Quarters


The staff quarters and back of house facilities are positioned out of view which houses photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels on the roof to supply the property with electricity and hot water with a backup generator.

▼夕阳下的露台景致, terrace view at sunset

▼夜幕下的无边泳池, infinity pools at night

▼选址平面图,site plan

Project Type: Private Residential Property
Location: Arijiju House, Borana Ranch, Laikipia Kenya Size: Internal Gross Area 23,470 sqft ; Main house, guest houses, spa buildings, manager’s house, staff quarters.
Total Gross Area incl outdoor spaces 41,540sqft
Services Provided by Michaelis Boyd: Architectural Design, Interior Architecture Design, Lighting Design

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