Goose Hut Season Store, China by Golucci Interior Architects

Like a large garden

Project Specs


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Goose Hut season store is located in Beijing city centre—Beijingfun, which has a special geographical location and Beijing style cultural resources. It is between dashilar to the south and Tiananmen Square to the north. As a restaurant brand that paying attentions to culture experience, all conditions around the restaurant are very superior. Then it comes to a really hard question that how to define  the forth store.

▼餐厅外观,exterior view

▼入口走廊,entry way


Beijingfun is a commercial block with deep heritage, which is different from common projects. Each of commercial units is connected by traditional gallery bridges. It is like a large garden. So when you walk into the block, you won’t feel noisy. On the contrary, it is comfortable. Whether Goose Hut season store can be integrated with this commercial district is something we must consider.

▼入口水景,waterscape at the entrance


▼厨房和水景,kitchen and the waterscape

▼吧台和厨房,bar counter and kitchen

▼墙面细部,wall detail


According to the existing pedestrian flow, there are four entrances and exits, one to the outdoor platform, one to underground garage, and the other two are facing other stores. If we design by using conventional idea, it will completely lose its characteristics of BeijingFun. Therefore, we spent more time thinking about how to integrate the restaurant with the environment and how to catch the inspiration from traditional culture, such as courtyards, gallery bridges , gardens and so on…

▼设计思路,design concept


▼动线示意图,circulation diagram

Time and time again, we found the concept of designing and tried to create courtyards in the whole restaurant. The yard is the goal concept, and then we rebuilt the new spaces (rooms and compartments) in this garden. All the corridors formed by Chinese gallery bridges, which is a wonderful idea. When people enter the space from several entrances, they won’t feel it like a restaurant, but only a part of the garden, could be a house, landscape, an art or a yard. You will never see the whole view when you walk into this space.

▼共享用餐区,shared dining area

▼可调节的屏风起到分隔空间的作用,the adjustable screen functions as a partition in the space

▼用餐区细部,detailed view

▼散台区,scattered seating area


▼从散台区望向厨房,view to the kitchen from the scattered seating area


▼隔间窗景,view from the box


Later, the number of guests was increasing, and some people said they could not find the entrance and exit or even lost their way/ With more guests coming to the restaurant and doubt that where is the entrance and exit. I think with a silent chuckle. Isn’t it lovely to be lost in such a wonderful garden?

▼包厢外观,exterior view of the box dining area

▼餐厅室内细部,interior detailed view


项目名称 : 雁舍 四季
主案设计 : 赵爽
设计团队 : 马冬洁 ,武尚泳 ,郑雅楠
设计总监 : 利旭恒
设计公司 : 古鲁奇公司
摄影艺术 : 山地 (西班牙)
项目位置 : 北京,中国
项目面积 : 500平方米
完成时间 : 2019年02月
摄 影 : 鲁鲁西
文 字 : 赵爽
翻 译 : 马冬洁
模 特 : 庞铠
文字 : 赵爽

Project Name: Goose Hut Season Store
Chief designer : ZHAO Shuang
Design team : MA Dongjie, WU Shangyong, ZHENG Yanan
Director : LEE Hsuheng
Design company: Golucci Interior Architects
Photography art pics : Santiago Barrio (Spain)
Location: Beijing, China
Built area: 500平方米
Completion (date): Feb. 2019
Photographer: Lulu Xi
Editor : ZHAO Shuang
Editor : MA Dongjie
Model: Pang Kai
Text  : ZHAO Shuang

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