Pump House Renovation Project in Shanghai, China by Design and Research Institute of Shanghai Construction No.7 (Group) Co. Ltd

“Minimal interference” renovation

Project Specs


感谢 上海建工七建集团有限公司工程设计研究院 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards Design and Research Institute of Shanghai Construction No.7 (Group) Co. Ltd for providing the following description:


Gazebo was originally a pump house of the state-owned marble factory. As time goes by, the marble factory has been abandoned for a long time, and with the development of the city, the pump house has become a bustling urban area. The pump house is located at the northwest corner of the site, and the tall metasequoia forest densely planted on the northeast side and the climbing vines covered on the broken outer wall cover the sun for the pump house. The indoor temperature in summer is about five to six degrees lower than the outdoor. it is a great place to relax in the office park.

▼休憩亭外观,exterior view of the gazebo


▼拆解透视图,exploded axon

Interior space of the original pump room is relatively closed, and the façade has only two small windows for lights and ventilation. “Gazebo” means people can stop and rest. In order to adapt to the new function as a gazebo. Under the premise of retaining vertical force transmission members, we opened the facade maximally. We inserted three flat long windows into the facade. it makes the interior space and exterior landscape be combined, then the feeling of gazebo has been created. A door window was inserted into the southern facade.

▼休憩亭外观,在外立面上设置扁长的洞口以打开空间,exterior view of the gazebo, inserting flat long windows into the facade to open the facade maximally

▼外观局部,南立面则结合出入口形成门连窗的入口意向,partial exterior view of the gazebo, a door window was inserted into the southern facade


After the long time of disrepair, this time we repainted the original brick wall façade, on the hand, the newly reinforced concrete structure system are made of exposed concrete, so that the retained part and the newly inserted part are visible at a glance. And at the same time, the relation of orginal and new structure system is clearly revealed.

▼外观局部,原有砖墙外立面重新粉白,partial exterior view, repainting the original brick wall façade


The low window hole also allows the building to retain a large number of solid walls, thus retaining the sense of volume of the original building. So that after the renovation is completed, the building can still retain the rough and stocky style of the previous pumping station. “Minimumly disturb the original silent atmosphere” is our final goals.

▼外观局部,低矮的窗洞使得建筑保留了大量的实墙面,与周边原有植物景观氛围相辅相成,partial exterior view, the low window hole allows the building to retain a large number of solid walls that complement the surrounding environment


The lowered window hole extends the sight to the depths of the jungle. The upper brick wall has been white painted after the original decoration had been removed, So the original material texture is revealed clearly. At the same time, the towering indoor space and the low level band-shaped opening form. Spatial contrast in vertical and horizontal directions. The warm color wall washers are installed on the four brick columns to light the upper part, so that the texture of the brick wall is fully displayed. At the same time, the lighting fixtures are not directly seen from the outside, and the lighting effect is softer.

▼休憩亭室内,在东/北/西三面设置扁长的洞口,室内外景观得以交融,interior view, three flat long windows make the interior space and exterior landscape be combined

▼从休憩亭向外看,looking outside from the gazebo

▼从休憩亭向外看,压低的窗洞使内部的视线延伸至密林深处,looking outside from the gazebo, the lowered window hole extends the sight to the depths of the jungle


▼休憩亭剖透视,perspective section of the gazebo

The original pump house is a one floor brick-concrete mixed structural building. In order to form the “Gazebo” intention, the original vertical force-transmitting member (original brick wall) is greatly weakened after four enlarged window holes was inserted. In order to continuously transfer the load of the upper wall and the reinforced concrete roof panel to the foundation, the four window holes are designed as a reinforced concrete rigid frame composed of structural columns and cross beams, so that the vertical force transmission system can be continuous. The arc-shaped cross beam has an outward overturning moment with respect to the line connecting the two supporting points. In order to make the structure more reasonable, the concrete slab is extended from the bottom of the cross beam toward inner space. This slab can balance the overturning moment, and at the same time, four deep windows hole has been created to shade sunshine and proof rainwater.A 15mm wide drainage groove is reserved on the concrete windowsill, and a rainwater pipe is hide under the windowsill.

▼休憩亭室内局部,上部的砖墙刷白,展现原有的材料肌理,partial interior view, the upper brick wall has been white painted to reveal the original material texture

▼休憩亭室内墙体细节,details of the white-painted upper brick wall

总结: 本次改造我们力图使用简洁/克制的外立面表达方式以及合适的尺度/比例,在满足“休憩凉亭”这一新的使用功能的前提下,尽可能保留原有建筑的时代特征以及基地环境的静谧氛围。施工过程中覆满外墙的爬藤被铲除殆尽,新植的爬山虎已有一两支爬上墙头。再待夏日到来之时,望已不见“斧凿”的痕迹!

Summary: In this renovation project, under the premise of satisfying the new function of gazebo, we try to use the most simple and restraint method and the appropriate scale and proportion to retain the characteristics of the original building and the quiet atmosphere of original site.
During the construction process, the vines on the outer wall were destroyed, but now, some new creepers had climbed onto the wall again. We hope the facade can be recovered by creepers and the traces of the renovation can’t be seen as the summer comes again.

▼休憩亭夜景,night view of the gazebo

▼区位分析图,the mapping

▼0.600米标高平面图,floor plan of the elevation of 0.600m

▼1.200米标高平面图,floor plan of the elevation of 1.200m

▼2.600米标高平面图,floor plan of the elevation of 2.600m

项目设计 & 完成年份:2016~2018

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