Drifting Stage, China by Mur Mur Lab

The movement of the body itself is another meaning of drifting

Project Specs


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想法说出的刹那,它就已经死了,但并不妨碍它以一种更诗意的方式存活。今年的设计上海|新天地设计节以“相遇”为主题邀请Mur Mur Lab实现一个城市装置。

▼“相遇”为主题的城市装置-漂流舞台,an urban installation with the theme of “Encounter”-Drifting Stage

The moment thoughts are spoken, they are already dead, but that doesn’t stop them from continuously existing in a more poetic way. This year’s Design Shanghai |Xintiandi Design Festival invited Mur Mur Lab to create an urban installation with the theme of “Encounter”.

▼漂流步骤图解,concept of drifting




▼城市之中的装置外观,exterior view of the installation in the city

It is not uncommon to encounter someone in the crowded Xintiandi. Can new installation represent new places, cause new behaviors and create new encounters beyond the everyday reality?

▼装置与行人形成互动,the interaction between the installation and pedestrians

▼装置创造新的相遇,the installation creates new encounters

▼装置如同散发出光芒的魔盒,the installation looks like a shinning magic box



于Mur Mur Lab,诗就是答案。千人千面,以诗意的方式与自己对话,从而产生相遇相知的三重变奏。

For Mur Mur Lab, poem is the answer.A thousand people have a thousand different faces, so talk to yourself in a poetic way in order to generate the threefold variations of encountering and knowing.
See yourself – POETIC – Meet the known self
Discover yourself – FANTASY – Meet the unknown self
Open yourself – MAGIC – Meet others
Facing oneself is the hardest thing. If the presentation of the device can remove the heavy meaning of the word “form” itself, then it has the possibility to let people see themselves. This is the beginning of poetic.

▼装置的呈现是一个诗意的开端,the presentation of the installation is a poetic beginning




▼设计图解,design diagram

The feeling is absolutely right, it cannot be concluded, analyzed, but only described. To return to intuition, it requires us to suspend the illusion and return to the most basic phenomenon. For architecture, we break away from the form of adventure and return again to the most basic geometry. Starting from a cube, the transparent box was covered with reflective mirror films and then with the colorful balloons hidden inside. When the cubes start to pile on top of each other, you finally see the only self. The everyday structure and materials support the dreamlike moment.

▼从一个正方体出发,透明盒贴上镜面膜,内部藏入彩色气球,starting from a cube, the transparent box was covered with reflective mirror films and colorful balloons are hidden inside


When the lights slowly lit up, the figure gradually dissolves in the colorful balloons, will you be surprised? If we only see the skin, can we see the inner illusory self? When the sun sets, a red and a blue hole projects faint light. Here, dreams never wake up at night.

▼灯光慢慢亮起,装置从镜面转变为彩色气球的外观,when the lights slowly lit up, the device shifts from mirror box to colorful balloons



红和蓝是一组对偶。光像一个信号,吸引一颗好奇心的进入。我们为此策划了一场漂流。从新天地北里的魔盒,到南里的舞台。魔盒本身就带着一个漂流的物理意义:用自身的攒聚为线索,用自身的瓦解为结果。从mür mür展厅获取线索,再来到民谣与诗组织的演出现场寻找答案,领取属于你的“岛屿”。这场身体的移动,本身就是漂流的另一重意义。如果不亲自动身前往,又怎么打开通往未知的钥匙?

Red and blue are a pair. Light is like a signal, attracting a curious mind to enter. For this, we planned a drifting trip.From the Magic Box in the north of Xintiandi, to the stage in the south, the magic box itself carries a drifting physical meaning: with its own gathering as a clue, with its own collapse as a result.Get the clues from the mür mür gallery and then go to the live performance organized by Folk Songs and Poems to find the answers and claim your “island”. The movement of the body itself is another meaning of drifting. If you don’t go there yourself, how can you unlock the key to the unknown?

▼光作为一个信号,吸引漂流的产生,light is like a signal and creates the drifting

▼装置灯光细节,installation lighting details




Every child is innocent, and we are the catcher.

▼装置插画,installation drawing


We never presuppose anything because the design itself is exciting enough. This innocence becomes the bond between each audience and us, therefore the installation comes to life.How many unknown selves will you encounter here? How many others can you meet? This encounter will be a journey of great significance.

▼魔盒捕获天真的小朋友,the magic box invites innocent children

▼小朋友可以躲藏在装置内部,a child can hide inside this installation

▼装置吸引小朋友驻足,the device attracts children to stop here

设计方:Mur Mur Lab
摄影版权:WDI 建筑摄影, 高含之
客户:2019设计上海Design Shanghai·新天地设计节
品牌:亚克力 镜面膜 彩色气球
Project name: Drifting Stage
Design: Mur Mur Lab
Website: www.murmurlab.cn
Contact e-mail: murmurlab@163.com
Design + Completion: 2019
Leader designer: Zhi Li, Murong Xia
Team: Hanzhi Gao, Mei Yang
Project location: South of Xintiandi, Shanghai
Photo credits: WDI Architecture Photography, Hanzhi Gao
Chief planner: Samoon
Singing organization: Folk Songs and Poems
Curator: April
Installation sponsor: Lexington
Clients: 2019 Design Shanghai· Xintiandi Design festival
Products used in the projrct: Acrylic, reflective mirror film, colorful balloons

More:Mur Mur Lab更多关于他们:Mur Mur Lab on gooood

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