Fnji Beijing Guozijian Space by Fnji

Two way stepped Chinese style architecture, concise and decent

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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The project is about  Fnji furniture space which is  built on the Guozijian hutong in Beijing. The space, including furniture, groceries and cafe, is a  two way stepped Chinese style architecture whose front yard contains a basement. The designer kept the original wood color of the beam, and demolished part of trivial buildings as well as  decoration to make the structure concise and decent.




In order to add more space for displaying furniture, the front yard needed to build glass space. However, how to build glass rooms to fit the wood building is the important key of the design. The assist of Duoxiang Architecture Studio consummated the plan of glass rooms. The whole front yard is made up by three glass boxes which show the face to face positions with each other. Additionally, two of the boxes are connected by the corridor to combine the yard and the glass boxes.




The design of the back yard kept the yard itself, and added scattered nest and open rest platform to solve the problem of height difference of the original building. Both of  the Cafe area and tea room used folding french windows, and they can join up the yard in a good weather.



The light design of the project used the high light leveled spotlights which combine the natural light to build a bright furniture space. In the cafe area, tungsten filament lamps was used to create warm and private space relatively. Also, the design team used lamp belt to emphasize the structure of the whole space.






Overall, the design of the project needs to balance Chinese style architecture and western minimalism. The designer used a mass of primary colored wood as well as natural stones to make the honorable Chinese architecture which is full of sense of ceremony become approachable and natural.





作品名称: 北京国子监梵几客厅空间设计
所属类别: 家具、杂货、咖啡综合空间
设计团队: 高古奇+梵几设计团队
案例面积: 500㎡
材料信息: 实木、钢、水磨石、天然石材

project:  design of Fnji Beijing Guozijian Space
category: comprehensive space of furniture, groceries and cafe
design team: Guqi Gao and Fnji design team
glass room design consultant: Duoxiang Architecture Studio
project’s area: 500㎡
material information: solid wood, steel, terrazzo, and natural stones

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