The Jining Olympic Sports Center by SCAU CHINA

Gymnasium, Natatorium, Shooting hall

Project Specs


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项目名称/Project:济宁奥体中心(体育馆、游泳馆、射击馆)  Jining Olympic center (Gymnasium,Natatorium, Shooting hall)
设计/Archtect: SCAU CHINA
总建筑师/Architect in charge:莫尼(Xavier Menu)
项目地点/Site:山东省济宁市    Jining Shandong
场地面积/Site Area:580633㎡
摄影师/Photographs: Zhou Ruogu, Ou Xiongquan

刚刚举办第23届山东省运会的济宁奥体中心是SCAU CHINA于2011年中标并设计的项目。场地中的主体育场方案已经在前一轮招标中确定,主体育馆的设计需要与之相协调同时又凸显新意。在整体设计中,三大场馆(综合体育馆、游泳跳水馆、射击馆)环绕主体育场以放射状布置,场馆立面均采用多面体切割的宝石形象,整体统一,也各有不同的个性,同时也回应了主体育场折面的立面造型逻辑。

The Jining Olympic Sports Center hosted the 23rd Games of Shandong Province in 2014. SCAU China won the competitive bidding for the main venues in 2011 when another design of the main stadium had already been confirmed in the former period. In order to get coordinative and creative, three venues are set in a radial layout around the stadium, which consists of a gymnasium, a natatorium, a shooting hall. All of the venues share gem-like polyhedral shapes, which give unity to the building cluster and echo the folding facade of the main stadium.



综合体育馆 / 红宝石 The gymnasium / ruby


The gymnasium has a crowd capacity of 7,000 during the Games, 1,000 of which are temporary seats. It has a steel outer shell covering its core function space so that the inner space could keep integrating and flexible layout. Meanwhile, mechanical rooms and facilities can be hidden inside in order to gain a complete look from outside. The hollow space inside is also beneficial for ventilation and thermal control. The scale-like shell consists of glass windows and series of diamond red panel, spreading all over building. Part of “scales” are open in a small angle to let the light into the inner space.














游泳跳水馆 / 蓝宝石 The natatorium / sapphire


The natatorium contains three pools (one in standard size, one for diving and a one for training) with 2,000 seats to meet the requirements of the Games. It also has a shell like the gymnasium with a hexagonal theme. The roof covered with hexagon mosaic tiles is supported by a hexagon steel network underneath which allows in as much light as possible. Furthermore, the natatorium has an outer layer of facade, which is protected by tensioned membrane in a polyhedral framework. The double skin system diffuses natural light during daytime and reflects colorful artificial lighting at night.













射击馆 / 黄宝石 Shooting hall / citrine


The long strip venue lies on the north side of the site, which is split into two parts to host the preliminary and final contest. All the outer fields are north-facing in order to minimize the influence of sunshine. A series of folded yellow perforated panels and curtain wall of glass constitutes the core factors of the venue’s roof and facade. Folded panels provide diverse looking from different point of view and a rhythm of shadows during day time.


















In a consideration of sustainability, the Jining Olympic Sports Center serves as an open sports park after the Game. The waterscape, green and open squares provides people with fresh air and leisure space. Those individual venues are also intended to be used for a variety of purpose to satisfy the needs of citizens.



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