Fitsion Fitness Experience Center, China by Deep Concept

Deep evolution, releasing oneself between confrontations

Project Specs


非常感谢 深度进化设计事务所 予gooood的分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards Deep Concept for providing the following description:


▼健身体验中心外观,exterior of the fitness experience centre

In the city, the option of catharsis always inevitably sweat gym. The trivial affairs and noisy interpersonal relationship have weakened me gradually. The deep evolution design firm appeals to the original intention of creating a free space and starts the project of FITSION this time.

▼充满几何感的立面,geometric facade


Red dotted with white space, jumping and bright, suspended without heavy. The front desk design metaphor of the entrance is the heart’s fresh beating, which seems to send out the invitation signal, enjoying the moment to the full. The shackles of life are broken one by one through the guidance of the environment, the feeling of vision, and the confrontation of movement, so as to gain the power of freedom and feel free like floating in the vast ocean of stars.

▼入口前台设计以心脏跳动为隐喻,the front desk design metaphor of the entrance is the heart’s fresh beating


Simple geometric cutting, radial light, white marble reflection of the crisp, as far as the eye can feel the power and vitality of the atmosphere of infection.

▼简洁的几何切割,放射状的光线,白色大理石反映的利落,simple geometric cutting, radial light, white marble reflection of the crisp


In clear and concise space, everything is left only ego antagonism. Freedom through self-discipline is the real fruit,Freedom has never been a state of unbridled spontaneity. As a kind of anti-gravity exercise, bodybuilding also makes us feel relaxed and comforted..

▼另一侧锻炼区域的入口,entrance of a large training space next to the entrance area

▼锻炼空间内变换的光线效果,changing light effects of training space


Open your mind to the problem of gravity .To rebuild it as a problem you can control it as one you can control, and turn it into something you can push forward. Many times in our life, we also need this confrontation. The creative team reflects this appeal in the design concept, presenting the space we see.


▼内部空间一角,corner of the interior

▼金属板与红色墙面细节,detail of the metal mesh and red walls

▼夜景,night view



项目设计 & 完成年份:2018年4月 & 2018年12月
Project name: Fitsion Fitness Experience Center
Design: Deep Concept
Contact e-mail:
Design year & Completion Year: April 2018 & December 2018
Leader designer & Team: Yu Yizhe, Wang Liang
Project location: China, Shenzhen, Nanshan OCT
Gross Built Area: 280m²
Photographer: B+M Studio
Clients: Private Clients
Brands / Products used in the projrct: Bolon、Mylands、YUNJOY

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