Fine Yougashi, China by Atelier A

A mini-sized yougashi store with a width of less than three meters

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又一家由Atelier A为Fine品牌设计的店铺在上海乌鲁木齐路开业,这家迷你的西洋果子店面积仅20多平方米,店面宽不到3米,给空间设计提出了极大的挑战。为最大程度利用空间,满足陈设西洋果子、制作茶水饮料和提供堂食的需求,顾客与店员活动区域由一排柜台隔开,分别从两扇门进出,笔直的动线方便活动,双方互不干扰。

▼门店外观,exterior view ©田炳珉

A new Fine store designed by Atelier A has opened on Wulumuqi Road in downtown Shanghai. This mini-sized yougashi store occupies an area of just over twenty square meters, with a width of less than three meters. How to display exquisite yougashi desserts and at the same time provide drinks and eat-in service in this small shop poses huge challenge for space design. Maximum usage of the space is achieved by straight circulation routes. Areas for staff and customers are divided by a counter with separate entrances so that they do not get in each other’s way.

staff and customer areas divided by the counter ©Atelier A

▼室内概览,interior view ©田炳珉


▼设计草图,sketch ©Atelier A

The façade is another innovative design. Outswing doors might obstruct passengers on the busy street. However, inswing doors would waste a large proportion of the small shop area. The solution to the dilemma is an inward triangle made by two outswing doors. Meanwhile, this triangle creates space for customers to smoke or wait for takeaways. It is also an important liminal space from the exterior to the interior, as the outdoor/indoor interaction is a feature of all Fine stores.

liminal triangular space by two outswing doors ©田炳珉


The two doors are deliberately made old to match the surrounding old town area, but using different materials—one made of stylish dark wood, the same as the signboard, the other faded light green iron, Fine’s brand color. When entering the store, customers will find that the interesting contrast of refined vs. crude extends to the inside.

view to the green iron door from internal space ©田炳珉

▼展示区细部,cake display area ©田炳珉


The staff area half looks like a Japanese Taisho antique shop. The walls, ceiling, air vent grills and the counter are all made of the same dark wood, decorated with mouldings. Whereas the other half is removed of all previous decorations, including previous floor tiles and wall paints. Instead, grey tiles and cement of the old building are exposed, so are all the cables and random hand-made chiselling marks.

the staff area contrasts with the dining area in its material ©田炳珉

staff area decorated with dark wood in Japanese Taisho style ©田炳珉

decorations chiselled to expose original tiles and cements in dinning area ©田炳珉

▼天花板灯具细部,ceiling light detail ©田炳珉

Fine西洋果子店 Fine Yougashi
位置: 中国上海乌鲁木齐路

Firm: Atelier A
Contact e-mail:
Location: Wulumuqi Road, Shanghai, China
Category: Restaurant
Project Architect: Yanwen (Lily) Zhu
Area: 20 m2
Project Year: 2020
Photographs: Byungmin Jeon

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