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飞巢(Flying Nest)是一种可安置在任何景点的可移动酒店,无论是山脚下,沙滩上,还是体育赛事或节日庆典的举办地,都可以使用。该项目是由Ora ïtoAccor酒店设计,2017年一经推出即改变了行业现有的规则:让酒店来追寻顾客。

A traveling hotel, capable of settling upon any natural site, be it at the foot of the slopes, by the beach or on location for a sporting event or a festival. Introduced in 2017, the Flying Nest, a nomadic concept hotel designed by Ora ïtofor Accor, has been revolutionizing the codes of the hotel industry: the hotel now comes to you.

▼雪山下的飞巢酒店,Flying Nest at the foot of the snow mountain ©Ora ïto

▼可移动酒店,改变行业规则,nomadic concept hotel revolutionizing the codes of the hotel industry ©Ora ïto


A nomadic accommodation made from containers adorned with wood, arranged into cozy rooms boasting large windows and a private terraces. This hotel delivers the high standards of premium comfort within a recycled transport module. Flying Nest lands in the middle of nature to offer breathtaking views. A shared restaurant room greets the guests for breakfast in the morning, then all that is left to do is put on skis, a swimsuit or a tuxedo depending on the ephemeral destination where the Flying Nest has chosen to land.  

▼木材搭建的酒店客房单体,hotel room made of wood ©Ora ïto

▼客房享有开放式露台,hotel room with open terrace ©Ora ïto

飞巢酒店已成功服务克莱尔方丹(Clairefontaine),阿沃里亚兹(Avoriaz,),阿尔勒国际摄影节(Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie),勒芒24周年纪念日(24 heures du Mans)及波尔多建筑双年展(Bordeaux Architecture Biennale),现正等待下一个目的地。

After Clairefontaine, Avoriaz, the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographiein Arles, the 24 heures du Mansor the Bordeaux Architecture Biennale, Flying Nestis now waiting for the end of the lockdown before a place to nest.

▼从客房开窗享受自然风光,enjoy the natural scenery from the room window ©Ora ïto

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