Vertical stairs creating open living space

Project Specs

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EBBA have recently completed an ambitious refurbishment to an apartment located in an old matchstick factory in East London. The project includes the complete overhaul of a double height space in the converted factory building, opening up and extending the mezzanine to provide a generous flexible apartment. The renovation sought to maximise the small footprint by lining the edges with joinery and storage, allowing for an open plan arrangement with vertical lines that could increase the sense of volume.

▼火柴厂外观,external view of matchstick factory © Benni Allan


▼轴测分解,exploded axon © EBBA ARCHITECTS

Propping up the extended floor is a large piece of furniture – working as structural joinery – in the form of a new stair entirely in timber with all of the elements left exposed, framing an intimate space beneath that will be used for dining. The slender skeletal framework of the stair helps to emphasise the height of the main living space while also acting as the support for a desk on the level above, offering a contemplative study space for working at home. The use of the ash for the structural timber in a white stain provides a soft background to the apartment, coupled with the neutral tones of the cement floor and kitchen counter; a terrazzo-like slab with translucent aggregate and fine black basalt. To complement the subdued and calming interior, a selection of simple lighting fixtures respond to the activities and way the apartment will be used, while complementing the forms of the new joinery.

▼通高生活空间,double height living space © Benni Allan

▼柔和的白蜡木搭配中性色调的水泥地面 © Benni Allan
soft ash wood coupled with the neutral tone of the cement floor

▼纤细的楼梯框架突显主要生活空间的高度,slender skeletal framework of the stair emphasizing the height of the main living space © Benni Allan

▼全木结构支撑延伸的夹层楼板,extended mezzanine floor supported by wood structure © Benni Allan

▼夹层下方私密的用餐空间,intimate dining space beneath the mezzanine © Benni Allan

▼厨房台面类似水磨石,terrazzo-like kitchen counter © Benni Allan

▼框架用作上层书桌的支架 © Benni Allan
framework as support for a desk on the level above

▼从夹层望向窗外,view from mezzanine to outdoor © Benni Allan


An enlarged storage unit in pine supports the functional aspects of life and will be able to be concealed behind curtains hanging from a rail. All furniture sought to use readily available timber treated and made to a very high quality that enabled an ambitious project to be delivered in a cost effective way.

▼平面图,plans © EBBA ARCHITECTS

Project size: 105 m2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2

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