DUKU office building in Shunyi, China by Beijing SkyLand Architectural Design Co.,Ltd.

A multi-functional “reading warehouse”

Project Specs


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Duku Office Building of the warehouse is located in Hebaiyi Industrial Park, Shunyi District, Beijing. Between rows of steel industrial plants, a two-story office building, has built close to the east wall of the park.

▼读库东南鸟瞰,aerial view from southeast ©肖凯雄


The office building is simple in shape, with a north-south trend. It is located in the industrial park, and the facade style is more industrial style.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©肖凯雄

▼南侧鸟瞰,aerial view from south ©肖凯雄


At the beginning of design, we borrow the meaning of “reading warehouse” with the idea of “granary”, on the site with a depth of 48 meters and a depth of 9 meters and less than 500 square meters. We designed the space according to the most simple and direct functional principle.

▼西立面北段,north part of the west facade ©肖凯雄


“Granary” layout in a single gallery, and consisting of main functional spaces such as customer service, logistics, galleries (printed and mounted workshops), conferences, restaurants, dormitories, etc. Except for the space that needs to be rigidly divided, other spaces are divided by bookshelves. Because of the space can be used for display, and reserved for future functional space conversion.

▼大厅二层北望,view to the atrium from the upper floor ©肖凯雄


The entrance through the high atrium takes care of both reception and display. The display rack spreads from the entrance foyer to other internal spaces. The nine palaces over the atrium to the high side windows and skylight bring some strange space feeling to the entire interior.

▼大厅正面,atrium ©肖凯雄

▼大厅北侧,the north elevation of the atrium ©肖凯雄

▼天窗,skylight ©袁牧


The roof space was originally prepared for outdoor activities such as badminton, although special details have been designed for this purpose, but the cheap metal protective net presents a soft and untidy translucency. The rough and uneven exterior wall painting surface formed by the manual operation process adds a texture between the industry and the village to the whole building.

▼施工中的屋顶,the roof terrace under construction ©袁牧

▼墙面喷涂和钢丝网立柱 ,wall surface and metal protective net ©袁牧


Considering the northern thermal insulation and energy saving, the vertical design of the façade is mainly based on the sense of rhythm. The outer window of the first floor has been further reduced due to security considerations, and T-shaped windows have been adopted.

▼读库办公楼内景,office building interior view ©肖凯雄

▼办公楼走廊(左);从库房看办公楼(右)office building corridor (left) ; view to the office building from the storage (right) ©肖凯雄


Because the east façade is adjacent to the park’s surrounding walls, the safety requirements on the second floor are better than the first floor. Therefore, the windows on the second façade are further reduced and continuous point windows are adopted.

▼东立面全景,east facade ©袁牧


Make a building what it should be. As Bauhaus established the basic ideas of modern design: “The purpose of design is people, not products” and “Design must follow objective and natural laws”. This is also the fundamental logic of the design of this case.

▼中段西立面,the middle part of the west elevation ©袁牧



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