Good views generate diversity in life

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The lot is located in an old residential quarter at the foot of mountains named “Ohmi-fuji”.The house is between a park and a river. Therefore, I took advantage of the great view. In particular, all windows are located in north and south which is good view. I made much account of a space with foliage.

▼住宅外观,exterior view ©Yuta Yamada


I arranged the living room and the kitchen, which are main spaces in a house, in the good view upstairs. There is a large opening window in the spaces so we can let in light and wind. And there is a tunnel-shaped balcony in upstairs, and I could make a buffer zone which is integrated with the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. I tried to generate diversity in life.

▼主要起居空间位于二层, the main living area is on the upper floor ©Yuta Yamada

▼客厅和餐厨空间,living room, dining room and kitchen ©Yuta Yamada

▼从厨房望向客厅,view to the living room from the kitchen ©Yuta Yamada

▼宽阔的窗户充分引入了光线和自然风, the large opening window brings light and wind in ©Yuta Yamada


I set up openings in all ends of lines of flow for housework. There are walls or plantations which can become eye-stop in the spaces. I tried to make the light shading, the expanse and the abundance of spaces. I believe that the clients can enjoy the change in four seasons and time from their own room because I took nature well.

▼餐厅局部,dining room ©Yuta Yamada

▼多处窗户为住宅带来视觉亮点,the openings create eye-stop in the spaces for the house ©Yuta Yamada

▼和室入口,way to the Japanese-style room ©Yuta Yamada

▼和室光影,light in the traditional room ©Yuta Yamada

▼阳台,balcony ©Yuta Yamada

▼户外花园,outdoor plantations ©Yuta Yamada

▼场地平面图,arrangement plan  ©HEARTH ARCHITECTS

▼一二层平面图,floor plans  ©HEARTH ARCHITECTS

▼立面图和剖面图,elevation and section  ©HEARTH ARCHITECTS

Construction: built of wood
Number of stories : 2
Gross area: 149.98㎡
Location: Shiga/Japan
Completed date: 2019.5
The name of the photographer is “Yuta Yamada”
Architect: Yoshitaka Kuga
Address: 2-4,Shoei,Minakuchi-cho,Kouka-shi,Shiga-ken,528-0015,Japan
Phone: +81-748-60-7410
Fax: +81-748-60-9671
Website: http://hearth-a.com
Email: info@hearth-a.com

More: HEARTH ARCHITECTS 对gooood的分享。更多关于他们:HEARTH ARCHITECTS on gooood

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