Doors – Larp Cafe game space in Changchun, China by Robot 3 Studio

How can you control yourself and where will you go?

Project Specs


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▼店面,shop front

There are innumerable doors in this world, some are visible and some are invisible. Behind every door lies another world. Doors are choices and barriers. Door is the switch of the space rather than the opening and closing of your mind. We are either outside the door, or inside the door. Door gives us an idea of another space and another world.

▼走廊入口,entrance of the corridor

▼阁楼入口,entrance of the attic


The house has a fifty-meter-long corridor, on one side of which were arranged sixteen rooms in order and each room has more than one door. Here, wherever you are, you always need to make a choice about which door to open and where to go. Your mind is swinging when your body has not moved. The long corridor seemed to have no end and what hidden behind doors is tempting us. The texture of life including hesitation, confusion, hover and hope is unpredictable. Through the white tile and drab wall, appears another world.

▼狭长而充满诱惑力的走廊,narrow and long corridor luring people to the game world

▼每个房间不止一扇门,供人选择,multiple doors in the rooms for visitors to choose

▼游戏场景,game scenes



设计机构:Robot 3工作室
业主:LARP Cafe
建筑面积:375 平方米
摄影:Robot 3工作室

Design Firm:Robot 3 Studio
Architect: Pan Fei,Wang Zhi
lient:LARP Cafe
Location:Changyin Pedestrian Street,Huxi Street,Changchun,Jilin Province,China
Type: Leisure & Entertainment
Building Area: 375 sqm
Materials:PVC curtain, latex paint, ceramic tile
Completion: 2018.9
Photographer:Robot 3 Studio

More: Robot 3 Studio。更多关于他们:Robot 3 on gooood

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