danishdesign MAKERS 2018 Exhibition in Stockholm Furniture Fair

A tribute to everyday life

Project Specs


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本次展览的灵感来源于丹麦诗人Dan Turell关于日常生活之美的诗句,并对当今世上过度奢华浪费的设计风格进行了评价和反思。

This year’s exhibition is inspired by the Danish poet Dan Turell’s poem about the beauty of everyday routines – and partly a commentary on the extravagance that, on many fronts, characterizes the design scene today.


The exhibition “A tribute to everyday life”, exhibits designs from 22 designers, that fits into an everyday routing from their private lives. Routines associated with, leaving for work, coming home, relaxing, washing dishes, playing with the kids etc. Our desire is to give new ideas to the things that surround us in everyday life – Everyday basic things that often do not make much visual noise but are characterized by functionality and the beauty there off.

danishdesign MAKERS是一个由不同国家、不同背景的设计师组成的联合,他们都和丹麦设计有着深厚的因缘。他们坚信丹麦设计诚实、简洁、实用的价值以及这些价值反映在产品上所带来的美。设计最重要的是实用性,这也是设计师最应遵循的理念。未来,danishdesign MAKERS将延续这一传统,用实际体验证明丹麦设计的优势,并将其传达给更多人。

danishdesign MAKERS is an alliance of designers with different nationalities and backgrounds, but all with strong ties to the Danish design culture. We believe that Danish Design values honesty, simplicity and function, and that these values reflect the beauty of the outcome. MAKERS believe that design is a foremost practical subject and it is best to keep it this way. We will continue this tradition and for the future let a hands-on experience define Danish Design and tell it’s story.

Logo design: Rikke Mikkelsen
Spatial Designers: Helle FlouSøren Vester
Brand developer: Signe Bjerregaard
Graphic design: Make Ready Studio
Layout & webdesign: Emilia Therese
Photographers: © Kristine Funch, © Emilia Therese

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