Dio Cafe Bar by Finorm Studio

Embedded in the streetscape of Central Hong Kong

Project Specs


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Located at the corner of a 60s building in the Kau U Fong neighborhood, Dio offers artisan cuppa by day and curated wine and spirits at night. The design brief asked for a retail driven space with coinciding functions of a cafe and a bar.

▼门店外观,exterior view © Anson Ho


The add-on structure on the facade and interior was stripped down to its original state, characteristically revealing the scars left behind from the demolition. The facade was left unfinished on purpose, embracing the imperfection and manifests the transience nature of the commercial occupancy. The imperfect white wall was framed by the building’s pink paint and the grey finish next door. We employed these two colours in the design of the brandmark as a tribute to the context at the time of its existence.

▼入口立面,entrance facade © Anson Ho


Situated on a narrow sloping street, the new shopfront was setback to allow a buffer for passersby to linger and be curious of what Dio offers on the overhead menu. The setback zone let customers stay and interact with the city while having a drink. We built a promotional display stand / high table that faces the entrance of the hip Gough Street, a picturesque spot welcomed by most photographers and bloggers. The shopfront glass doors can be completely opened up as an extension of the street receiving diners and shoppers nearby.

▼店铺的玻璃门可以完全打开,与城市发生互动 © Anson Ho
The shopfront glass doors can be completely opened up as an extension of the street

▼门口的展示柜 © Anson Ho
the promotional display stand  at the entrance

▼入口细节,entrance detailed view © Anson Ho


The interior surfaces are a series of strategically toned greys function as the container of the products, customers and the programmes. Each shade of grey performs their specific tasks. The lighter greys in the walls and bar counter bring forward the wine bottles and served beverage, while the darker ones subside and disappear.

▼从入口望向吧台 © Anson Ho
view to the bar counter from the entrance

▼内部空间概览,internal space general view © Anson Ho

▼从吧台望向入口和街道 © Anson Ho
view to the entrance and the street from the bar


The LED strips on the shelves draw attention to the very end of the shop. Its diffused light illuminates products and casts intricate yet subtle shadows through the panels. We used magnetic tracks to allow flexibility. The combination of magnetic anti-glare downlights and spotlights attached to the tracks can be rearranged anytime. This is designed specifically for the store operators to plug and unplug whenever needed. Hence the space always remains pliable to the people.

▼磁性轨道悬浮在空间上方 © Anson Ho
magnetic tracks are suspended above the space

▼安装有LED灯带的酒架,wine shelve with LED strips © Anson Ho

▼吧台细节,bar counter detailed view © Anson Ho

▼咖啡馆标识,brandmark © Anson Ho

▼店铺夜景,storefront night view © Anson Ho

▼平面图,plan © Anson Ho

▼立面图,elevation © Anson Ho

Project Name: Diostore
Office name: Finorm Studio
Website: www.finormstudio.com
Social media: www.instagram.com/finormstudio
Completion: 2021

Location: Central, Hong Kong
Programme: Wine & Spirit retail and coffee bar
Design team member: Max Chan, Burton Li
Photographer: Anson Ho
Photographer’s Website: ansonhkc.myportfolio.com
Photographer’s e-mail: hkcanson1213@gmail.com

More: Finorm Studio


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