Ding Xin Tea Garden,China by Chongqing Haofeng Planning and Design Group

Close to nature and listen to mountains

Project Specs


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The project is located in an ecological tea mountain at an altitude of 800-1,200 meters. This place embraces a vast tea forest, surrounded by mountains and valleys. It is as green as a picture scroll, full of vitality.



Ding Xin Tea Garden, with its natural environment, has been elaborately built by the designers and has made this promised land a paradise. It is quiet and natural, with fresh charm. When you are in the tea mountain, boiling tea and tasting tea, you will feel “the dust is suddenly cleared, as if by the breeze that comes from your heart”. We combine mountain, water and tea into a whole, and they are harmonious and interdependent, forming a living space and connecting together a most beautiful scenery of tea fields. Picking tea, making tea, tasting tea, climbing tea mountain, visiting tea fields…It can lead everyone who walks into it to encounter the verdant green everywhere and experience the original rural life.

▼项目鸟瞰图,aerial view of the project

▼茶田鸟瞰图,aerial view of the tea field

Adjusting measures to local conditions is the key word of our design for this place. The buildings conform to the mountain situation, fit the ups and downs of the mountain, organically enclose the mountain courtyard, and make use of the height difference to make each building achieve an excellent view. The buildings are built by water, and the building space is organized with water as the visual center. The whole shape is scattered but the spirit is integrated. At the same time, the building space forms cohesive effect towards the central waterscape.

▼有机的围合成山地院落,organically enclose the mountain courtyard

▼以水为视觉中心组织建筑空间,the building space is organized with water as the visual center


At the same time, we embedded different forms of inner and outer courtyards into the building space, making the courtyard space the main place for viewing and experiencing, forming a clear and orderly flow line of viewing and experiencing. When you stroll among them, one step makes a difference. The spatial change of different dimensions makes it more interesting, poetic and natural. When night falls, light and shadow give life to the buildings, making the tea garden more quiet and peaceful.

▼建筑空间向中心水景形成内聚效应,the building space forms cohesive effect towards the central waterscape

▼建筑在水中形成倒影,a building reflection in the water

▼建筑顺应山地的起伏变化,the buildings  fit the ups and downs of the mountain


The design principle of this project is ecology and harmony. While meeting the aesthetic requirements, the project integrates science, ecology and commerce into a whole, and embodies extensive and profound tea culture in all aspects of tea planting, tea picking, tea making, tea watching and tea tasting. It presents a light and distant, fragrant and fresh natural temperament, providing a private and quiet paradise hidden in natural scenery.

▼总平图,master plan



Project Name: Building and Landscape Design of Ding Xin Tea Garden in Banan District, Chongqing
Project Location: Tea Culture Experience Area, Ersheng Town, Banan District, Chongqing
Year of Design: 2015.12
Year of Completion: 2018.03
Construction Area: 4,200㎡
Landscape Area: 20,000㎡
Designer: Chongqing Haofeng Planning and Design Group

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