Dengfenglai Guest House in Zhejiang, China by ZX STUDIO

Facing up to the ocean, looking up at the starry skylight

Project Specs


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限制和诉求 | Limitations and Claims


This project is located in Shengshan Town, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang province. The local B&B project has a clear implementation manual, which limits the total area, floor area, height of the building, and even the architectural style. As a result, architectural styling and space creation are extremely limited.

▼民宿外观全景,overall exterior view of the guest house


As the most inhabited island in the east of China, Shengshan Island has humid air, strong winds and even typhoons. The construction materials are limited, and transportation costs and labor costs are significantly higher than those outside the island. The owner and sister hope that the area should be used as much as possible, try to have different feelings in each room, and each room should have as many sea-viewing interfaces as possible; hope to at least be the top-ranking B&B project in Zhoushan area, and try to control the cost.

▼民宿远景,上山坡道延续公路路径;拉长上山坡道,以放缓住客心境;到达山腰,方向弯折,让建筑突然完整呈现,distant exterior view of the guest house, the route leading up to the guest room extends the road, strengthening the route to relax guests; the guest room shows completely when the route comes to the hillside and bends

▼民宿主入口,入口同样做了多稿比选,但这并不难,难的是业主对当地政策的掂量,以及对设计方案的支持,main entrance of the guest house which is determined after several discussions about the design and taking the local policies and clients’ support into the consideration


形体与景观 | Form and Landscape


In the phase of conceptual design, more than ten conceptual plans were provided for discussion, and the owner finally chose this several block occlusion scheme. In more than a year, I have been on the island more than ten times. Once the owner mentioned, I haven’t been to a deserted village (a local tourist attraction), so I went there and went on a chat and continued to discuss the plan. Their hometown was originally in this village. Due to the inconvenience of life, the villagers gradually moved away. She felt that the staggered occlusion of the body in the implementation scheme was not similar to the scattered house in the village. Perhaps it is a coincidence, perhaps a similar form has drawn memories. However, it can be clarified that the starting point of the layout of the physical design of the case is based on the owner’s appeal and the site landscape resources.

▼民宿入院后场景,通过弯折放缓入户坡度,将绿地做成斜坡,减少压迫感,view after entering the courtyard, lowering the slope of the access by bending the route, turning the green space into the slope to reduce the sense of oppression

▼院内休息平台区,场地设计同样几经修改,受限于当地对绿化面积的控制,休息平台区被压缩,篝火区域被取消,the terrace inside the courtyard, due to the local limitation of the green space, after several changes, the terrace is reduced and the campfire area is cancelled


The project is completed, the seven rooms are different, 101 have private pool area; 201 has a picture frame sea view, facing the central island in the distance; 202 has a 270-degree wide-format sea view; 203 has a mountain and sea view; 301 is Suite, living room bedroom with wide format sea view, bedroom with full bed size skylight skylight and private small courtyard; 302 is also a duplex suite, living room 270 panoramic sea, bedroom and main guard with starry skylight, and sea breeze terrace Spacious separate small courtyard. 303 lying in bed to see the mountains to see the sea can also see the stars.

▼民宿外观局部,一层泳池顺应场地将建筑包裹,partial exterior view of the guest house, the pool on the first floor embraces the house alongside the site

▼民宿外观局部,在面积严格限制的情况下,通过墙体楼板开洞,增加室内往外观看时的空间层次,partial exterior view, increasing the openings on the walls and floor slabs to enrich the scenery view under the condition of the limited area


路径与感受 | Path and Feeling


▼民宿室外交通流线局部,拉长上山路径,将院内路径弯折,partial view of the outdoor circulation, stretching the path up the mountain and bending the path inside

The project itself is not large in size, and the building is only about 400 square meters. The site will be slightly looser than other projects on the island. The plan stretches the path up the mountain and bends the path inside the courtyard to appropriately lengthen the walking route of the guests, to precipitate the state of mind and increase the expectations of the guests.

▼室外庭院局部,蓝色的泳池和大海与白色的墙体和地面交相辉映,partial view of the courtyard, the blue pool and ocean complement the white walls and floors

▼室外庭院局部,采用白色混凝土片墙限定景观视野,partial view of the courtyard with white concrete walls defining the scenery view

▼室外庭院局部,部分步道采用木板铺地,partial view of the courtyard, some paths are paved with wood panels


空间与时间 | Space and Time


▼室外公共露台空间,the public exterior terrace

▼室内用餐区及室外露台区,享有极致的海景,interior dining area and exterior terrace with an amazing ocean view

▼一层书吧区,等待民宿主及客人们,用生活,慢慢使空间丰满,the reading area for owners and guests to enjoy the life

▼室内公共休息区,interior public rest area

Through the horizontal and vertical multi-layer penetration of the space, together with the change of the position of the window, the light entering the room is controlled to appear, and the line of sight is infinitely elongated, allowing the space to flow. I hope that in a small space, through the design method, the perceptual space will be enlarged, the time will be slowed down, and the space type will be enriched. In order to avoid the relatively monotonous and uninteresting experience in the regular corridor string type of project.

▼从客房室内透过玻璃窗俯瞰室外景色,overlooking the exterior scenery from the interior guest room through the glass window

▼二层客房局部,设有画框海景,partial interior view of the guest room on the second floor with a picture frame sea view

▼二层客房局部,享有山景和海景,partial interior view of the guest room on the second floor with a mountain and sea view

▼二层客房局部,享有270度宽画幅海景,partial interior view of the guest room on the second floor with a 270-degree wide-format sea view

▼三层套房的起居室空间俯视图,top view of the the living room of the duplex suite on the third floor

▼三层套房客房局部,享有270°全景海面,partial interior view of the duplex suite on the third floor with a 270-degree wide-format sea vie

▼三层客房的卧室空间,具有极好的景观视野,the bedroom of the guest room on the third floor with a good scenery view

▼三层客房的卧室空间,设有整张床大小的星空天窗,partial interior view of the the bedroom of the guest room on the third floor with full bed size skylight skylight

▼三层的私人室外露台,the private terrace on the third floor


房子与人 | A house with People


The owner spent a year looking for the land and half a year looking for the designer. After another year, the project is nearly completed. In order to meet the peak of customer flow, the project is now in normal operation, but part of it is still gradually improved. The house lives by people and varies from person to person.

▼民宿空间局部,方形洞口将室外的景观引入室内,partial interior view of the guest house, openings on the wall introduce the outside environment into the interior space

▼民宿的楼梯空间,stairs of the guest house

▼傍晚时分的民宿,exterior view of the guest house at dusk

▼一层平面图,1F plan

▼二层平面图,2F plan

▼三层平面图,3F plan

▼四层平面图,4F plan

▼1-1剖面图,1-1 section

▼2-2剖面图,2-2 section

▼3-3剖面图,3-3 section

项目设计 年份:2018
业主:吕艳 吕冬

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