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我没有一种通用的建筑语言,我认为每栋建筑都是需要基于在地背景和文化而设计。—— Kerry Hill

I think designing every building should be based on the local background and culture. There is no universal architectural language. —Kerry Hill


Haimen City faces the Yellow Sea in the east, and is the 6,300-kilometer estuary of the Yangtze River; there are many rivers in the territory and rich water resources. This is a city with river-sea culture.

▼项目概览,overview ©耿广瀚


The design team faced two difficulties. The first was that the land was an irregular one, with the main form presenting a thin and long thin plate of 1:6, and the area was small, which greatly restricted the layout of the building. The second is that the surrounding landscapes are outdated, complex and changeable. Hotels and residences are in the north and east, the urban green belt is in the west, and the northwest side is the city landmark “Haimen Star”.

▼空中视角,aerial view ©耿广瀚


Considering the complicated situation, we use the hotel to form a outstanding visual center with a sense of wholeness, which transforms the surrounding urban environment into simplicity.

▼街道视角,view from the street ©耿广瀚

▼沿街立面,the facade ©耿广瀚

建筑沿北侧城市主干道青海路展开,塔楼高耸形成视觉中心,体块沿东西方向错动,形成折角,与城市交叉口相呼应,同时增加形体丰富性。水平线条的错动、旋转和变化,丰富的立面效果,成为区域地标。酒店运营方为戴斯酒店集团(Days Inn),是温德姆酒店集团(Wyndham Hotels & Resorts)旗下最大最著名的酒店品牌,旗下管理的酒店在全球15个国家内拥有超过160,000间各式客房。充分呼应海门的江海文化,以“都市扬帆”为概念,提出“城市度假”的功能特色,与西侧的城市公园联动,沿城市主路形成一系列绿荫掩映,虚实结合的城市界面,在都市商务的气息中融入慢生活的休闲概念。

The building stretches along Qinghai Road on the north side, towering to form a visual center, and staggering in the east-west direction to form a corner, which echoes the urban intersection, which also increases the richness of the shape. Staggered horizontal lines, rotations and changes, and rich three-dimensional effects make it a regional landmark. The hotel operator is Days Inn, which is the largest and most famous hotel brand under Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. The hotels under its management have more than 160,000 rooms of various types in 15 countries around the world. The hotel fully reflects Haimen’s river-sea culture, with the concept of “urban sailing”, and the function of “urban vacation”. The hotel and the city park on the west side forms a green shade, combining virtuality and reality, which blends the concept of slow life into the modern city.

▼塔楼高耸形成视觉中心,tower form the visual center ©耿广瀚


The main entrance of the hotel faces the main road of the city, forming a loop inside. It is very convenient for guests, logistics and fire fighting to not interfere with each other, and it will form a sense of interaction and blending with the southern residential entrance in the future.

▼入口广场,entrance plaza ©耿广瀚


The family-scale plaza on the north side integrates the building and the city into a landscape feature. While providing services to the hotel, the podium part also provides commercial and leisure culture for the surrounding residential areas, improving the living quality of the community. The hotel’s 1-4 floor podiums are mainly as public areas, including lobby, lobby bar, grand banquet hall, Chinese and Western dining, leisure and entertainment, etc.; 5-12 floors are guest rooms, providing 150 guest rooms, including standard rooms, executive suites, various room types including presidential suites. After entering the lobby from the entrance on the north side, the passengers will go to each district by the horizontal moving line, or enter the guest room by the independent vertical moving line, without interfering with each other. There is a dedicated passenger elevator in the underground garage, which connects to the hotel lobby on the first floor; the logistic personnel go to the logistic area of each floor through a dedicated logistic entrance and vertical service elevators.

▼裙房部分,the podium ©耿广瀚


The horizontal lines bring a sense of floating and horizontal extension to the building, and the partial twisting of the lines adds a bit of agility to the facade, reminiscent of the rising and falling of clouds on the sea and the surging waves. The purpose of the building materials is to highlight the sense of floating and flow of the building. The overall building facade is in cool color, and the silver-white aluminum plate exterior hangs against the cool color of light gray glass. The horizontal lines between the tower and the podium are made of 3mm thick silver-white aluminum panels; the supporting glass curtain wall of the main tower is made of 6mm50+15A+6mm light gray double-layer low-e insulating glass.

▼横向线条,horizontal lines ©耿广瀚


The overall shape of the tower is simple and elegant, like a sailing ship, slowly sailing into the sea, and the graceful curvature of the lower part of the hull is like the waves of the river. The main body adopts the processing method of glass curtain wall and external silver-white aluminum plate horizontal horizontal lines, which is simple and atmospheric; at the same time, through the slight 90-degree twisting of horizontal lines between different floors, a dynamic texture is formed, which also produces subtle light and shadow changes in the sun.

▼酒店入口,the entrance ©耿广瀚


The lobby is matched with the second floor and is made of ultra-white high-transparent glass. The gable part of the tower is made of 25mm thick dark gray external stone. The vent louvers and the aluminum rain-proof louvers of the same color as the surrounding walls. The entrance adopts a two-story full-height glass curtain wall, the canopy is 36 meters wide, 6 meters high, cantilevered 5.2 meters, the inner height is the thickest 2000mm, and the outermost narrowest part is only 500mm. The outermost part uses two 30X100mm profiles to hold the edge. , Which not only makes the whole canopy look light and modern from a distance, but also helps the structure to bear the force. The canopy is fixed by a 30° diagonal (stainless steel) cable, which effectively reduces the structural scale of the frames, and strengthens the ritual sense of the entrance. 1500X1600 single-layer tempered glass is used to minimize outdoor light shielding. The entrance material adopts 3mm silver-white aluminum plate and 8+8mm LOW-E ultra-white glass, which ensure good lighting in the lobby.

▼立面细部,details of the facade ©耿广瀚


In order to achieve the rotation model, Party A originally wanted to use super GRC (expensive, about 3500 yuan/meter) to complete the non-standard model, and after considering the facade texture, structural load, cost control, etc., party A finally chose the most common silver-white aluminum plate as the material, and the emphasis is on deepened node control. Finally, the design team use the standard section curve to control the rotation form of the aluminum plate, and adjust the curvature of the curve from 1200mm to 2000mm, which simplifies the production and construction process. They have achieved the expected design effect in a simple, efficient and economical way.

▼夜景,night view ©耿广瀚

▼一层平面图,the first floor plan ©睿风设计

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan ©睿风设计

▼五层平面图,the fifth floor plan ©睿风设计

▼剖面图,section ©睿风设计

项目设计 & 完成年份 设计:2020年 完成:2021年
主创及设计团队 钱明波
项目地址 江苏省海门市
建筑面积 18000m²
摄影版权 耿广瀚
客户 海门市金新泰房地产开发有限公司

Project name Days Inn Haimen
Design RUF Architects
Contact e-mail
Project design time:2020
Project completion time:2021
Leader designer & Team Qian Mingbo
Project location Haimen City, Jiangsu Province
Gross Built Area 18000m²
Photo credits Guanghan Geng
Landscape Design:广州山水比德设计股份有限公司
Interior design:锐度设计顾问(成都)有限公司
Construction design:海门市建筑设计院有限公司
Curtain wall design:普利兹希金幕墙设计咨询(上海)有限公司”
Clients 海门市金新泰房地产开发有限公司
Brands / Products used in the project Aluminum square passUltra-white glassOff-white/light gray paint

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