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Project Specs


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Design is a process from scratch. This time, we have designed a new story for ourselves. We hid “adult” in an old street in the original site of Chengdu steel pipe plant area I, making it special and not abrupt. We hope that this will convey a concept of “little hidden in the wild, big hidden in the city”, and preserve the essence of “Japanese style bird house”. In the process of design, we avoid the traditional stereotype and the self moving affectation, and take the exquisite rough as the breakthrough. So “adult” will appear different from the general Japanese material shop, leaving behind common Japanese elements such as “white lantern, bold calligraphy, bamboo plaque”. Instead, there are burned grain metal gates, thick cast-in-place concrete walls, and dark green screens like summer nights. We hope to cover the “Japanese style” on the surface with warm colors, ambiguous atmosphere and retro fireworks, while enrich the “Japanese essence” with mottled feeling and texture. Beauty serves man.

▼餐厅门面,避开了传统的刻板印象, facade of the restaurant, avoid the traditional stereotype ©潘达

▼烧痕纹理般的金属大门,厚重质地的现浇混凝土墙面, burned grain metal gates, thick cast-in-place concrete walls ©潘达

▼门上的幕帘,curtain on the door ©潘达


▼明厨与吧台,恰当好处的距离便于服务,transparent kitchen and bar, the suitable distance is convenient for service ©潘达

The curtain design can distinguish the narrow space and add a sense of privacy to the three card seating areas, while the design of the Ming kitchen can watch the cooking process both inside and outside. There are also two bar designs to close the distance between diners and us, which is the distance between people, and also the distance convenient for service and care. It also includes the dining outlet in the box, which not only facilitates the dining, but also brings a surprising dining experience.

▼ 幕帘区分空间,增添私密感,curtain distinguishes the space and add a sense of privacy©潘达

▼ 温暖的包厢,cozy private dining room ©潘达

▼ 包厢内的出餐口,带来了惊喜般的用餐体验,dining outlet in the private dining room, brings a surprising dining experience ©潘达


We deliver unique life experience with food and service with human temperature and dining environment full of design atmosphere; adults hope that they will not only be satisfied with the subtle chemical reaction between bird burning and tongue, but also bring more memory grooves from vision, hearing, touch and other senses. When customers arrive, they can experience the warmth of the fireworks in the sub world, and when they leave, they can open the door and see the mountains. Lord, let the night be meaningful.

▼ 轴测图,axonometric drawing ©有幸设计

▼ 餐厅海报设计,poster of the restaurant ©有幸设计

项目名称: 大人烧鸟屋
项目设计& 完成年份:2019

Project name: DAREN YAKITORI
Design year & Completion Year: 2019
Leader designer & Team: Space:XuYi/LiangZhiheng ; Graphic:XuYi/WangZhu/YangSen/TangQun; Photo:Pan; Model:VAPOURBLUE/ZuHao; Video:TR·visual
Project location: Chengdu China
Gross Built Area (square meters): 60M²
Photo credits: Pan

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