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Differential spaces between public and intimacy

Project Specs


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“Daily” is a place you can visit on a daily basis in order to drink coffee, to have a chat, to work or just to spend some good time. This coffee place has an arthouse movie atmosphere. From every perspective, you have a sense of a movie episode where people casually interact with each other. Our goal was to create a nice space where good people can enjoy good coffee.

▼咖啡厅内部区域概览,interior view of the cade

室内分为两个独立的区域。第一个宽敞的区域内布置有点餐柜台、座位区和充足的照明灯具。可调节的壁灯在白天营造了温暖宜人的氛围。窗边吧台座位区上方悬挂着Ferm Living生产的组合吊灯,点餐柜台吊灯按照设计师的图纸制作。内部所有的家具都是定制的,设计师只需要增添极简设计的座位家具即可,最终他们在Hay找到了需要的家具,“Soft Edge 32”凳子与“Result chair”椅子都与室内设计完美地搭配起来。

▼咖啡厅入口区域,entrance area at the cafe

▼空间第一个区域布置有点餐柜台、座位区,充足的照明灯具,the first is a spacious room with a counter, a seating area and plenty of lighting

▼柜台一侧临窗座位区,window seatings near the counter

There are two separate zones. The first is a spacious room with a counter, a seating area and plenty of lighting. Dimmable wall lights from and Tradition create a warm and cozy atmosphere throughout the day. Suspended lamps above the bar by the window are composite lamps from Ferm Living. Suspended lamps over the counter were made according to our drawings. All the main furniture was custom made. We just had to find cool and minimalistic seating furniture. We found those at Hay. Both the “Soft Edge 32” stool and the “Result chair” perfectly fit into our interior.

▼吧台座位区域悬挂的绿植装饰,bar seatings and suspend vegetation decoration

▼内部使用极简设计的座位家具,minimalistic seating furniture

▼可调节的壁灯在白天营造了温暖宜人的氛围,dimmable wall lights creates a warm and cozy atmosphere throughout the day

Daily不仅仅是一家咖啡厅,也是一个举行社交活动的城市空间,例如每两周举办一次 “与一个有趣的人共进早餐”活动,邀请不同的知名人士与顾客分享有趣的演讲。

“Daily”is not just a coffee shop, but also kind of urban space, offering some social events like ‘’Breakfast with an interesting person”, happening once in two weeks, hosting different famous people sharing some inspiring speeches with guests.

▼临窗光影,light and shadow near the window


The second zone has a very special intimate atmosphere. Here you can enjoy some quiet time with a book and a cup of coffee, to have some time with a company of friends on a sofa or to share a little table for two with your date.

▼空间第二个区域具有非常独特的亲密氛围,the second zone has a very special intimate atmosphere

▼百叶隔墙塑造相对私密的区域,louver partition creates a relatively private area

▼沙发座位区,sofa area

▼双人小桌子座位区,small table for two



▼点餐柜台轴测,axonometric drawing of the counter

▼临窗吧台座位区轴测,axonometric drawing of the bar seating area near the window

▼入口区域室内立面,interior elevation of entrance area

▼划分为两个区域的空间室内立面,interior elevation of the two areas

▼临窗座位区室内立面,interior elevation of window seatings


Project name: Daily
Architect: Sivak+Partners (https://sivak-partners.com/)
Design team: Maksym Iuriichuk, Dmitriy Sivak, Cyrill Verbych
Area: 75sqm.
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Completed: 2019
Photo: Anton Garets

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