Dadalìa by Studio DiDeA

Open to the life of the ancient street

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Dadalìa餐厅由Studio DiDeA设计,位于巴勒莫旧城区中心的Vucciria市场内。餐厅位于一座建于1850年的建筑首层,原本是一间陈旧的商店。该空间拥有一个梯形的平面,在街道层设有三个入口。

Studio DiDeA designed a new inn Dadalìa in the heart of the old Palermo downtown, within the Vucciria market. The design comes out from the renovation of an old shop located on the ground floor of a 1850 building . The room has a quadrangular shape that develops in width and three entrances to street level.

▼餐厅外观,exterior overview



The owner’s request was to have a restaurant communicating with the outside, with an open kitchen,  a place where you can taste local dishes in a welcoming and informal atmosphere. The architects responded to this request by imagining a neutral environment open to the life of the ancient street market with its strong features: colors, smells, voices. For this purpose the interior is covered with a grey resin that continues on the floor, walls and ceiling, this last one featuring barrel vaults, discovered during renovation works and enhanced with the inclusion of LED lights.

▼充分开放于老街的用餐空间,a neutral environment open to the life of the ancient street


The environment is divided into two areas: a front dedicated to customers with a bar counter and tables, and a rear for technical and service volumes (kitchen, private services, public services) – separated by a Swedish pine wood and reinforced glass structure. The architects chose pendant lamps evoking those used in the past to illuminate the merchandise.

▼用餐空间,dinging area

▼用餐区和厨房由瑞典松木和钢化玻璃材质的隔墙进行划分,the areas for customers and service volumes are separated by a Swedish pine wood and reinforced glass structure

▼拱形天花板中置入了LED灯,the barrel vaults are enhanced with the inclusion of LED lights

▼室内细部,interior detailed view


Outside the gates and entrance doors can completely open, becoming shelving for aromatic plants, and items for table service.

▼餐厅大门可当作置物架使用,the entrance doors can be used as shelving



Progetto/Project: Dadalia Osteria
Cliente/Client: Dadalia Srl
Luogo/Place: Palermo
Anno/Year: 2018
Progettisti/Designer: Studio DiDeA Architetti Associati
Collaboratori/Team: Arch. Maristella Galia, arch.Chloè Pierron, arch. Agnese Abbaleo, arch. Sergio Diodato
Prezzo/Budget: 120.000
Impresa/Contractor: Antonino Dav
Opere in legno/Woodwork: Wood Farm di Nunzio Bonaccorso
Opere in ferro/Ironworks: Chirco Pietro
Materiali/Materials: legno pino di Svezia, vetro armato, ferro, resina/Swedish pine wood, armed glass, iron, resin
Attrezzature/Kitchen Equipment: Fimar, Gruppo Spina Palermo
Forniture/Suppliers: Longho Palermo

More:Studio DiDeA。更多关于他们:Studio DiDeA on gooood

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